Now Vande Mataram song in a new form

Bhopal : Thursday, January 3, 2019 : The state government has made arrangements for the Vande Mataram singing programme in Bhopal in a new form. In the new system, the Police band will start at 10.45 am from the Shaurya Smarak, to Vallabh Bhavan playing different patriotic songs. The general public can also accompany the Police band. Once the band and the public reach the Vallabh Bhavan, the national anthem ‘Jana-Gan-Mana’ and the national-song ‘Vande-Mataram’ will be sung.

Now Vande Mataram song in a new form

The new Vande Mataram singing programme will be organized on the first working day of every month only. The members of the State Council of Ministers will take part in the programme turnwise.

The programme has been made attractive in the new form and the common people will be encouraged to join. With the participation of the masses, the Vande Mataran singing programme will be one of Bhopal’s points of attraction.

It is to be noted that earlier the ‘Vande Mataram’ singing programme was organized by the General Administration Department of the state government only with the participation of government officials / employees on the first working day of every month. Now the participation of the Police band and the general public has also been ensured in the programme.



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