Now, Reverse Bidding for Inter-City Taxis

183 Introduces Novel Concept in India
“Reverse bidding will not only help the customers get a ride on unbelievable prices but it is also going to help taxi operators boost their income.” – Nitin Bhalla (Founder)
Gurgaon, Haryana, India

What if the long distance trips were possible 70% cheaper than market prices? May be a lot more savings or a lot more shopping. We do imagine it always but when we were busy imagining, somebody was busy creating an opportunity in this. For the first time in India, is launching Reverse Bidding based business model for Road Trips Industry in India, including Inter-city taxis, Luxury cars, Tempo travellers & Bus charters.

How does it operate?

At, customer demand i.e. Inter-city Taxi Trips are freely available in real time, to all registered Taxi Operators through Website, Email, SMS and App. Taxi Operators give lowest Price Bids for their preferred trip. This produces a range of competing Price Bids, depending on business efficiency, business strategy, time perishable inventory of Taxi Operators. Customer easily picks the lowest Price Bid.

This will produce unbelievable prices in the industry. For example: A taxi is travelling empty from Chandigarh, to pick a corporate executive from Delhi Airport. For the taxi operator, any earning is good enough for an otherwise Dead Ride. The going price for Chandigarh to Delhi taxi trip is INR 2600, but the Taxi operator is happy to earn even INR 1000 only. Customer is ecstatic. Similarly, lot of Taxis are free on weekends or nights from their corporate duties. provides a platform for Taxi operators to earn from many such opportunities. Both One Way as well as multi-day Round Trips will be offered to customers. Currently the services are limited to smaller Taxis including Sedans, MUVs. This will be extended to Luxury Cars, Tempo Travellers and Bus Charters very soon. aims to tie in with all other Taxi Operators in the Industry to bring in industry wide efficiencies in this segment which is estimated to be worth 9 Billion USD in India and growing at 17-18% per annum. This model has been applied successfully in UK by companies like Minicabster and Cabmania, but is surely a first in India.