The DeLorean is coming back, and it’s going to be better than ever


One of the most iconic cars to ever hit the big screen, might be coming back into production more than 30 years later. The DeLorean was in production for just under two years but, in that time, was immortalised in the 80’s cult film Back to the Future. And now, you can own one.

Why after all this time? Well, the DeLorean Motor Company bought all the remaining parts from the original manufacturer when it bankrupt and shut down production in 1983. Since it’s start in 1981, only about 9,00 cars were made. The intent behind acquiring the parts was to keep repairing and restoring the cars still circulating in the market. But a new law was just put into place in the US; one that exempts “small volumes car manufacturers” from safety codes imposed on new models. Basically, if it’s replica of a car at least 25 years old, it’s a greenlight.

So now, the DeLorean Motor Company can use all those parts they bought, as well as those made from still remaining blueprints, to build a new 2017 model. And while the car will still have the immediately recognisable body and gull-wing doors, it’s getting a whole new engine — one with more horsepower and better emission (law exempts the DeLorean from safety protocol, but not environmental requirements). Reports say the company is looking at engines between 300 to 400 horsepower, as opposed to the original’s 130, as well as new 17 or 18-inch wheels.

DeLorean expects to be churning out the titular car by the first qurater of 2017. Unfortunately, it’ll set you back anywhere between US $80,000 to US $100,000.