New Maaza campaign – ‘Laalach for Aam? Maaza hai naam’


New Delhi, February 6, 2016:With the start of the new Year, Maaza, one of most iconic juice brands of Coca-Cola India is back – in a brand new avatar. The brand unveiled its new campaign based on the proposition – ‘Laalach for Aam? Maaza hainaam.’ After the successful ‘HarMausamAam’ campaign, the brand is set to forge a deeper connect with the mango lovers through the new campaign. Going on air on 6th February, it seeks to engage consumers in Maaza’s trademark slapstick comedy format.

In the new campaign, brand ambassador, VarunDhawan will be seen in his maiden double role performance. He will be enacting the role of twin brothers with one of the brothers desperately searching for mango in an empty crate, while the twin is quietly enjoying the last mango in a corner of the room. On seeing that his brother will not offer him even a slice of the mango, he seeks divine intervention to satisfy his mango craving. He then hears a voice from above with a message – ‘Laalach for aam, Maaza hainaam!’ and the story takes a twist as suddenly it is the other twin who looks on with greed, eyeing a sip of Maaza.

Speaking about the campaign, Debabrata Mukherjee, Vice President, Marketing and Commercial, Coca-Cola India said, “Emotions are a great hook to connect with consumers. Mango is India’s favorite fruit and evokes emotions like no other. In the pre-work for Maaza campaign development we asked consumers what the strongest ‘AAM’ emotion was and the answer was unanimous – GREED. The greed for mangoes is universal. Almost everyone admits to a life story when they have acted greedily in the face of mango craving. This served as the inspiration for the new Maaza campaign. The new Maaza campaign depicts incidents from everyday lives which every consumer will relate to. It shows how greed for mango can make people sometimes act out of character. While the greed for mango can divide even the closest of friends or relations, the delicious authentic mango taste of Maaza solves for this greed. So anytime you feel greedy for the delicious mango taste, reach out for the most authentic mango in a bottle – Maaza. “Laalach for aam? Maaza hainaam!”

Speaking about the campaign, Maaza brand ambassador, VarunDhawan said, “While they say that ‘Laalach’is not a good thing, I have no qualms about the greed for my favorite, refreshing and delicious Maaza. It is the ‘Laalach’ for this yummy mango delight all through these years that has reunited me with my long lost bhai ;-). Afterall, ‘Laalach’ doesn’t seem to be such a bad thing. I am sure my fans are going to enjoy watching me in a new avatar and also join me in satiating our Laalach for aam? Maaza hainaam.

Maaza campaigns have been known to bring out various emotions depicting people’s love for Mango – ‘Taaza Mango Maaza mango’, ‘Maaza Mango. You’ve really got the juice’, ‘Maaza. Kabhi Health kabhi Fun,’ ‘YaariDosti, Taaza Maaza,’ ‘Maaza lao, aamkipyaasbhujaao,’ Maaza. Jaldikyahai,’ ‘Maaza. Harmausamaam.’

In addition to the new campaign, Coca-Cola India is set to make its largest juice brand available to a lot more consumers through the launch of the ‘on-the-go’ 125 ml single serve tetra packs. Maaza is the only brand in India which uses mango pulp to make the juice and uses no concentrate. Just as love knows no season, similarly Maaza offers real mango experience throughout the year, regardless of any season.

” EVP Planning – Antony Raj Kumar
” Planning Director – Venkataraghavan Srinivasan

” Group Executive Creative Director – Sachin Das Burma
” Creative Director (Copy) – Sudhir Das
” Creative Director (Art) – Arijit Das Gupta

Production House
” Production house: Tubelight Films Pvt. Ltd
” Producer & Director: Prashant Issar