New Japanese Chef Aijiro Shinoda Brings Remarkable Talent

New Delhi, India, July 2018 – A year of culinary excitement and innovation at Banyan Tree Phuket continues with the arrival of celebrated Japanese chef Aijiro Shinoda. With over 40 years of experience preparing superb Japanese and French cuisine, Mr. Shinoda brings a new dimension of tradition and versatility to Taihei’s elegant menu.


Specializing in sushi, sashimi and teppanyaki, Mr. Shinoda’s delicate approach to blending and balancing flavour perfectly complements the scrumptious selection on offer at Taihei. Over the course of his career, he developed his talents in Tokyo, London, Guam, Taiwan and Dubai, focusing mainly on Japanese, French and modern cuisine.


His career began with 22 years of service for Hotel Okura in Tokyo, where he developed his cooking skill along with a reputation for consistent excellence in ingredient selection and presentation. From banqueting chef to sous chef, and then later to developing exciting new menus for the hotel group, Mr. Shinoda’s successful rise through Japan’s culinary scene was well underway.


From 1999 he became full chef and owner of his own Tokyo restaurant, Chef’s Table, before being recruited to consult for a national mall chain. His career then branched off to Taiwan and Dubai, where he became Head Chef and Brand Executive Chef respectively for restaurants offering high-quality Asian cuisine.


Mr. Shinoda’s talents were recognised in Dubai, where he was a focus of the Dubai Expo 2020 bid, as well as in Australia, where his talents earned him a bronze medal in a high-profile individual cooking competition. His debut at Banyan Tree Phuket’s Taihei restaurant marks the eagerly anticipated next chapter for Mr. Shinoda’s skilful and innovative cuisine, as well as a veritable highlight on the island’s culinary calendar for 2018.

New Japanese Chef Aijiro Shinoda Brings Remarkable Talent

“I am excited by the opportunity because Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts is a famous brand,” Mr. Shinoda said, “and Banyan Tree Phuket is the first villa resort in Phuket. My aim is to put a kind of spirit into every dish that I make, and also transfer this spirit not only into the food but to my team as well. This philosophy is called Tamachi – the constant striving for perfection in every element of food preparation. It takes years to fully develop the techniques that are central to Tamachi, but the results are magnificent.”

From the rich flavours of kobe and wagyu beef to the delicate tastes of fire salmon and tori teriyaki, Taihei offers grilled dishes cooked to perfection as part of its contemporary Japanese cuisine. The restaurant also offers a wide selection of soups and tempuras, along with an extensive selection of uncooked delights such as cyutoro sushi and Hamachi mint sashimi. With countless sushi and sashimi dishes to choose from, as well as culinary styles ranging from authentic to inventive, Taihei offers a truly sensational experience for discriminating diners of all tastes.


As a full-service restaurant, Taihei blends gourmet Japanese cuisine with the unique flavours and ingredients found in Phuket, offering a unique alchemy between modern and traditional tastes. The restaurant joins Saffron and Watercourt as the main high-profile dining experiences on offer at the world-renowned Banyan Tree Phuket honeymoon resort.