New Brigge App Spans that Social Networking Gap with a Focus on Events

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

When most of us boast about engaging with more than 1000 friends on social networking sites, we are essentially saying that we keep the chair warm for long hours.

Truth is, we crave for a good company to hang out with and do stuff that we always dreamt of.

This bitter truth was first acknowledged by three young bright minds who came together to build a revolutionary mobile app, Brigge (pronounced ‘bridge’). Much like the name suggests the App aims to bridge the gap between social media connections and real world interactions. The Chennai-based start-up is funded by The Chennai Angels and is already the talk of many towns.

Brigge has already started revolutionising the way people spend their leisure hours.

For over 2,000 users, Brigge has opened new avenues to engage in outdoor activities along with like-minded people.

People across towns and cities are bonding over interesting outdoor activities on Brigge; some of the most popular being Story walks and Food walks, playing Spikeball and Fantasy Football, jamming in the garden and organizing Royal Enfield rides.

It all started when Prasanna Jagannathan, who spent a decade in the Silicon Valley improving the way systems and processes delivered, partnered with Sampath Jagannathan, a product management specialist with a long stint in Walmart, US, and Murali Satagopan, a stand-up comedian; decided to launch a crusade against the aloofness  that networking sites purports as being social.

So what is it that sets this app apart from the crowd?

For the starters, it motivates people to go out and live their dreams with like-minded people. Brigge allows its users to create or participate in various activities classified under 18 broad categories including sports, photography, adventure, kid activities and community service.

So, if you have been meaning to find a company to teach 8th-grade math to underprivileged kids, you can simply open the app and search or create an activity under the community service category; sounds really easy!

The promoters revealed that on a broader aspect, people are interested in activities such as food, sports, fitness, community service, and adventure.

“You can create or discover events of your choice at a snap and with a lot of ease” one of the promoters adds with a glint in his eyes.

Brigge is already making a huge impact as more and more people are finding opportunities and company to engage in activities they always desired for. It is not hard to imagine that the app has a huge potential of bringing the Social back into our networks, as it is adopted widely.

The app allows users to have text conversations with other participants and plan logistics and other details regarding the execution of the event. It also allows real-time push notifications, which means that you can read Brigge messages / updates on your phone without having to open the app.

Compared only to the best apps in terms of security and experience, Brigge allows users to check the previous activities (and participants) of other prospective/ interested participants, making it easier to gauge their credibility.

This truly is a revolutionary app from many aspects, the most profound being that it has the power to reverse the ill-effects of increasing virtual interactions and empty playgrounds, which is robbing our society of shared joys. Man, after all, is a social animal and need the constant company of people with similar interests and orientation.

So the next time you look at that abandoned cricket bat and get nostalgic about your cricketing days at school, let Brigge find you some friends to play with.