Nagarro supports United Nations’ celebration of ‘World Environment Day’ by switching to green commuting

Gurugram June 06, 2019: On World Environment Day, Nagarro, one of leading IT consulting firms in the country decided to put their best foot forward to beat air pollution especially by adapting to Green commuting. The CEO Manas Fuloria along with multiple employees of the company ditched their cars and took the GMDA bus service from MG Road metro station to their office in Udyog Vihar. They were also accompanied by MCG commissioner Shri Yashpal Yadav ji.

As a general practise, Nagarro has introduced several bus routes to facilitate their employee commute within the city.  Especially on June 5th this year special bus routes were run so as to support people residing in areas of low public transport connectivity like old Gurugram. To solve the issue of last mile connectivity, employees today used cycles and e scooters by mobycy to ride to work. Various people chose to either carpool or take metro or metro shuttles to work today.

Nagarro supports United Nations’ celebration of ‘World Environment Day’ by switching to green commuting

“More important and immediate than global warming is local choking. One-third of the air pollution that is choking us is from vehicle emissions and road dust. This one-third is in our direct control. By changing how we commute we can cut down on this dramatically. Let us pledge to take public transport, car pool, walk and cycle whenever we can”, said Manas Fuloria, CEO Nagarro.

The idea is to inculcate the habit if green commuting upon people which would finally affect the climate change in this city.

Commenting on the initiatives by Nagarro Shri Yashpal Yadav, Commissioner, Municipal Corporation Gurugram, said, “Helping environment by adopting the mass mode of transport is a wonderful idea and specially when you can afford the personal means of transport. It may seem bizarre in city like Gurugram where the cultural of this has not taken of well. It was heartening to accompany Nagarro CEO and his colleagues in a city bus. This will certainly send a strong message across various groups of society and encourage a newly stated bus service Gurugaman in big way. Happy Environment Day.