Ms Shilpa Reddy launches ‘NAARI’, a first of its kind magazine to inform & empower women on issues concerning them!

Guests at the launch of the quarterly Magazine ‘NAARI’ published by the Fernandez Hospital Educational and Research Foundation, on Saturday at Hotel Marigold.

Hyderabad, March , 2018The Fernandez Hospital Educational and Research Foundation launcheda quarterly Magazine ‘NAARI’ to give a voice to women and their concerns. The launch issue was released by well-known fashion designer Ms. Shilpa Reddy in the presence of the Foundation’s Managing Trustee Dr. Evita FernandezMs. Ratna Rao Shekar; Foundation Trustees Dr. G. Pramod and Ms. Leila Campos, and an august gathering of the city’s elite.

Speaking on the occasion Ms. Shilpa Reddy said, ‘Naari’ is a voice for the women, a platform for their unique stories and a source of inspiration for women across the board. It will focus on issues of common interest to women pertaining to themselves and their health. There are several magazines on Fashion for women, but there is hardly any to address their healthcare needs. This magazine can make a difference in the lives of women and coax them to take care of themselves and gain inspiration from other women. In our high societies there is change in the attitude towards women, in fact men are supportive of women and their needs. But much needs to be done to change the scenario in the rural setting, a magazine like this can empower women and serve as medium to bring change in their thought process. I am happy to be associated with this launch as I launched a blog recently, through which I share my personal story. The blog is all about women’s health, fitness, wellbeing, meditation, happy pregnancy and more. Also I am delighted to hear that the Fernandez hospital is shortly launching a Natural Birthing Center, an area into which not many want to foray for obvious reasons.

Dr. Evita Fernandez said, the idea is to provide a channel where the voice of women can be heard, the magazine would serve as a space where they can express themselves. It enlightens women on how to take care of themselves. The launch issue is focused on Natural Birthing and emphasizes on how important it is to allow women to opt for natural birthing.

The newsletter, the first of its kind for any hospital in the country, will not only highlight activities about Fernandez Hospital but issues concerning women with a focus on compassionate maternity care. Conceived and edited by the well-known journalist, Ratna Rao Shekar, the first issue focuses on stories of midwives and young mothers birthing the natural way. We hope to feature more stories of women who have fought odds to find their voice in society in future, says Dr. Evita Fernandez.

The Foundation works in tandem with Fernandez Hospital, a highly reputed institution in the Twin cities dedicated to health care for women and newborn. Backed by 70 years experience, Fernandez makes every effort to promote natural birth while reducing the incidence of Caesarean Sections. With the launch of NAARI, the Foundation hopes to inform women and their families about health care issues and what Fernandez is doing to provide a better standard of health for women of all ages.