MISSICON 2018 – the 3 day annual Conference of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeons of India, begins at Hyderabad!

Technology is what can aid to cope with the situation, where the disease burden is ever increasing & there is a severe dearth of Doctors and nurses : Dr Prathap C Reddy.  


Hyderabad, October 2018MISSICON 2018 – the 3 day annual Conference of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeons of India – being hosted by Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad was formally inaugurated by Dr. Prathap C. Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group; on today at Apollo Hospitals, Jubillee Hills.Also present on the occasion were Guests of Honour Dr. Sangita Reddy, Jt. Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals, Dr. Rohidas, President, MISSICON; Dr. Rajakumar Deshpande, Vice President, MISSICON; Dr. Arvind Kulkarni, Secretary, MISSICON; Dr. Alok Ranjan, Organising Secretary, MISSICON & Dr. Rahul Lath, Co-Organising Secretary, MISSICON. The Conference being held from October 26th to 28th, 2018, had a pre-conference workshop held today at the Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills, and the Conference will be organised at ITC Kohenur over the next two days.

MISSICON 2018 – the 3 day annual Conference of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeons of India, begins at Hyderabad!

Speaking on the occasion Dr Prathap C. Reddy said, it is good to have this conference which gives something new and brings a smile on the face of the patient. Apollo was started with just one vision of providing the best possible care available anywhere in the world to the patient and that has been our mission. After 35 years, today we feel we should also contribute to the rest of the world for the betterment of patients. You are going to do many new things to make recovery and safety of patients paramount and this is just the beginning. We have some of the luminaries in the field as faculty here, they will share their knowledge with you and go back, but you should continue the interaction to continuously enrich your learning, so that you can keep improving on ways to contribute to neuro sciences and especially to this new minimally invasive spine surgery. When Apollo first brought the Robot, several disapproved and ridiculed the initiative, but the smile that brought on the faces of patients is what mattered ultimately. Newer technologies have been benefiting the patients, but the technology blended with our capabilities can make a huge impact for the patient. With the disease burden increasing, patients numbers going up, while there is a severe dearth of Doctors and nurses, technology is what can help to cope with the situation.  

Dr Sangita Reddy said, this conference is heralding the future of non-invasive and minimally invasive spine surgery. I would like say that there is going to be tremendous interface, which will be even more dynamic in the years to come between technology and skill of the surgeon, between the beauty and power of your mind and the computing capacity of technology, when you merge these two together it can only do one thing, better life for patients and that is what all of you are working for. In this pursuit of excellence of being minimally invasive, of reducing pain, of enabling movement and improving patients life, on behalf of Apollo let me just say that we are with you and continue to be with you in all initiatives which aim for the good of the patient and brings pride to our country.


Dr. Rohidas said, the young surgeons attending the conference will have exposure to all the new techniques here, but my sincere advise to you is to try and gain expertise in one technique and leave a mark of yours in it.

We are proud to be the only Centre to have Robotic assisted spine surgery and Navigation guided spine surgery. With the acquisition of intraoperative MRI and O-arm we will be the only unit in the country to offer complete range of minimally invasive spine surgery solutions to all the patients from here and abroad. We are already a very sought-after Centre for international patients especially from Africa and middle east countries, says Dr. Alok Ranjan, Sr. Consultant Neurosurgeon, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad. Apollo is today offering the latest minimally invasive spine surgeries and they do a world of good for the patient in terms of less pain, less blood loss, speedy recovery and being back to the routine.

Spine related issues such as slipped disc, degenerative spine diseases, spinal infections and tumors have increasingly become common, partly due to lifestyle changes and partly due to improved diagnostics. In today’s world patient not only expects a good outcome with spinal surgeries but also an early mobilization and speedy return to work. Minimally invasive spine surgery is the field which has brought these goals closer to the patients.

The Conference will bring out the latest developments in the field of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS).  Advantages of MISS include smaller skin incisions, reduction of soft tissue trauma, less blood loss, less post-operative pain, shorter hospital stays and more rapid recovery times. The conference will include lectures and demonstrations from prominent experts – both international and national. The topics covered would be endoscopic spine techniques including discectomy and decompression, minimally invasive spine tumour excision, minimally invasive spinal fusions, laser discectomy and robotic spine surgery.

Minimally invasive spine surgery was started in Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad, way back in 2002 under the leadership of Dr. Alok Ranjan, Sr. Consultant Neurosurgeon. The Completely integrated team of eight neurosurgeons at the Hospital is the largest in the private sector.

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