MAYA Films Releases ‘The Krishna Cosmic Circle of Life’ – A Divine Co-existence of Man & Nature

Bangalore, June, 2019: World Environment Day – 2019 witnessed the release of ‘THE KRISHNA COSMIC CIRCLE OF LIFE – A Divine Co-existence of Man & Nature’, a documentary byMAYA Films& Bangalore Environment Trust which was screened today at VarthaBhavan.

Drawing attention to Ecological Resurgence at Almatti and Narayanapura dams, in Karnataka, this documentary

  • Highlights the site’s promise as one of the most important avifaunal sites in India.
  • Moots the idea of declaring the habitat as a Ramsar site – having merited the criteria of Ramsar Convention, as a wetland of international importance.

Krishna river, the lifeline of North Karnataka was providing a stable ambience for the food web of this region due to its natural dampness of the land. Deforestation and other human activities have made the soil saline in the recent past. However, as a surprise, construction of Almatti and Narayanpura Dams has converted the huge body of backwater as a new wetland ecosystem bringing in new bird species to this location. Greater Flamingo, Bar Headed Goose, Oriental Pratincole, Brown Headed Gull, Black Tailed Godwit, Glossy Ibis are spotted frequently in this region.

The backwaters of Almattiand NarayanpuraDam are one of the most preferred places for the Greater Flamingos to settle down during their migration period. They are probably migrating from the Kutch region in Gujarat. The Flamingos, seen in flocks of hundreds have made the Almatti backwaters their home for many years now. According to experts, this region has been offering them the safety and security of food, water and habitat. However, due to human intervention, release of pollutants in the water by the surrounding factories and the resultant environmental changes are posing threats to their existence and survival.

Commenting about the documentary,Ms.Maya Chandra, who has researched, scripted and co-directed the documentary – The Krishna Cosmic Circle of Lifesaid, “This documentary has been a unique experience for us, as this is our first venture in environment conservation.  It gives me and my team great pleasure to present this film and I hope that the audience feels every bit of it and take back a message that is not to be forgotten. Responsible tourism needs to be promoted so that we can continue to shareour home with these magnificent creatures which are potentially threatened”

Discussing the importance of conserving the ecosystem around Almatti and Narayanpura Dam Dr. A N Yellappa Reddy, Chairperson, Bangalore Environment Trust and Veteran Environmentalist said “During the construction of the dam, a reportwas submitted to Karnataka government on the massive displacement of the natural features in the region. But nature has adopted its own changes and the land has evolved as a wetland fulfilling the guideline of Ramsar convention. This is attracting a lot of migrating birds to this location making it a favourabletourist destination. However, there is an immediate action required to solve the threat to this ecology and we have requested the government for further study of the region to mitigate the threat and to preserve the wetland. This documentary gives a clear picture of the rich ecological wealth in this location and the need to preserve it.”

The approval for the further study in this region and the surrounding will help in listing the location under the Ramsar convention. Also, development of the location with the local community will help in preserving the natural wealth along with providing the quality livelihood for them.