Make in India’ Cars that every Indian should be Proud of

Indian Automative Industry stands ahead of other industries and has given many reasons for every Indian to be proud. The Make in Indiacarsare well known in the country and across the world. The industry has made headlines due to the innovation and use of cutting-edge technology. Here are four of the most outstanding Indian innovations from the industry. These cars are an important part of India’s growth history and have played a significant role in the automotive industry.

Mahindra E20/ Maini Reva

Years before the tax benefits or introduction of electric cars, a small company in Bangalore called Reva Electric Car Company produced Mahindra Reva E20 which was a revolution for sure. It did not catch on in India but sold in more than appropriate numbers in the UK as G-Wiz. It hit production almost two decades ago in 2001 and is India’s first electric car for the masses.

Tata Nano

Ratan Tata wanted to build a car for the people. He wanted affordability over anything else. The idea was to make a reasonable and safer alternative to the motorcycle.To the world, the idea of INR 1 lakh rupee car seemed improbable. He launched Tata Nano a few years later,and the car has developed a cult status. It is one of the most iconic vehicles in the world,and this car made it possible for millions of households to own their first four-wheeler.

Mahindra XUV Tech

Mahindra XUV has as much electronics by volume as the previous generation of 5-series from BMW. The SUV is for the masses and has a large number of variants under the mark of 20 lakh. It represents the capabilities of the Indian automotive industry and shows that the Indian market is ready for cutting-edge technology.

Hindustan Ambassador

The first car produced in India was a Morris Oxford III. After Hindustan motors began with the production of the car, they called it the Ambassador. It went on to sell longer than any other car in the world,and you can buy one even today. Ambassador has been a part of India’s history and has played every role in the book. Their only downfall was keeping the original design in the private car market. The car has earned its place on the list despite the archaic styling.

Insure Your Vehicles

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Benefits of Car Insurance

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  • You will get a host of other benefits including
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