Lighting Up 100000+ Digitally Connected Displays at 2175 Railway Stations Across India


New Delhi, Delhi, India
Indian Railways announced the launch of the Railway Display Network (RDN) project in railway stations across the country which envisages more than 100000 connected smart display screens across 2175 railway stations making it the largest DOOH network in the world.

The prime purpose of RDN is to disseminate information related to passenger amenities, comfort, convenience and safety. Display infrastructure will also be utilized for social messages, commercial advertising and emergency alerts to over 10 billion passengers annually.

The consortium consisting of Gaian Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., iTV Network India Ltd., and Cloudatix Network Private Ltd. won the tender to partner with Ministry of Railways to set up and operate RDN with its GAIATV Content delivery platform despite tough competition during the tendering process from national and international organizations. The consortium has started implementing the RDN solution at Mumbai Central, Dadar, Bandra Terminus (WR), Shankargarh and Manikpur (NCR).

Today, GAIATV platform serves businesses as diverse as billion dollar enterprises with their corporate communication needs, federal disaster management agencies with real-time alert dissemination requirements, public transport networks broadcasting live streams of information, Retail chains looking for sales closures from impactful and interactive product presentations as well as entertainment video service providers (vsp’s and ovp’s) with tools to constantly engage and delight their consumers. This diverse usage speaks volumes about the versatility of the GAIATV platform and its treatment of unique content delivery challenges in widely different ecosystems.

After being selected for the RDN initiative, Gaian’s CEO, Mr. Chandra Kotaru, said “Hi-impact, real-time, & contextual content delivery takes a whole new meaning in this age of content overload and short attention span. GAIATV platform will be operating the world’s largest contextual programmatic ad exchange in the DOOH as a part of this initiative by the Indian Govt.”

iTV Network’s Chairman and MD, Mr. Karthikeya Sharma, said “We are grateful to get an opportunity to partner with the Ministry of Railways and engage passengers with our TV content. The sophistication this solution brings to Indian railways is sure to raise the standards of communication.”

Cloudatix’s CEO, Mr. Sanjay Sharma, said “It is exciting to be a part of this challenging initiative taken up by Indian railways. We hope to employ all our expertise in cloud integrations & platform deployments to make this a success.”