To Let Down ‘Down Syndrome’, YI To Teach Young Parents

Bhopal, March , 2018. Down Syndrome is not a disease, technically it’s a genetic disorder. Not only the children affected with this syndrome suffer but their parents too. A little appreciation and training can make your way easy going and the affected ones can deliver good in sports and various creative fields like Art and Music etc. Mostly parents can’t recognize that their children is having this syndrome and eventually they get distressed with their children’s slow growth and sometimes they indirectly harass their children too.
Renowned child specialist Dr. R. K. Yadav informed this at a press conference organised by CII Young Indians here on Tuesday on the eve of World Down Syndrome Day. The objective of the press conference was to announce Down Syndrome awareness campaign to be jointly carried out by CII Young Indians and V Care Children Hospital.
Explaining the cause of Down Syndrome Dr. Yadav said that a human body has 23 pairs of Chromosomes and the full or excess presence of 21st Chromosome leads to this syndrome. Flat faces, short neck and ears, muscles and joint issues, slow physical and mental growth are some of the very common symptoms, indicate for this severe syndrome. Stats say that one out of every 800 children may have this syndrome.
CII Young Indians Bhopal Chapter’s Chair Saurabh Sharma told that people have various misconceptions regarding Down Syndrome. For example, people usually think that children having this syndrome may die early. The affected ones bear negligence from parents and society both. These myths should be eradicated, he added. 
The co-chair of the Bhopal Chapter Apoorv Malviya explained the drive and informed that the parents and teachers of the affected children would be counselled during the campaign. Expecting parents will be advised for pregnancy tenure’s screening, so that this disorder is caught early. Blood test and ultrasound during 11th and 13th week can help detect this syndrome up to 90%.

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