jüSTa Nathdwara – The Legacy Continues


Nathdwara, Rajasthan , India
jüSTa presents its newest property, jüSTa Nathdwara; a resort situated in Rajasthan’s holiest place. The hotel is located about a kilometer away from the Shrinathji Temple which is frequently visited by devotees from all over. The hotel is easily accessible by road from Udaipur and Ahmedabad.

The palatial architecture of jüSTa Nathdwara is typical of Rajasthan and is beautifully complemented by the surrounding landscape and the luxurious interior by acclaimed designer Deepika Govind. The resort has 32 tastefully designed luxury rooms, some with private balconies offering uninterrupted views of the sunsets and the whole of Nathdwara. Hotel is situated near Shrinathji Temple, Haldi Ghati Rd.

The Nathdwara hotel has been designed with sensitivity to the town’s culture and spiritual significance. jüSTa Nathdwara is thus the best hotel in Nathdwara for you to truly experience the town’s spirituality and heritage.

jüSTa is a Sanskrit word, which means ‘to welcome’ to your home. At jüSTa hotels, this warm invitation of Indian hospitality meets international standards of luxury. The experience is further enhanced by Deepika Govind’s unique hand crafted design for each jüSTa property. We believe in individualized service – therefore each of our hotels have less than 50 rooms.

jüSTa Pillars of the Brand

The Four Pillars of the jüSTa brand are Luxury, Contemporary, Green, and Indian.

Luxury – Lavish and opulent environs for the artistically inclined merge with the impressive softness of natural light to offer tangible luxury. Every piece of furniture, furnishing & decor allow the senses to enjoy luxury of an extremely high comfort.

Contemporary – Everything at jüSTa is modern & fashionable. Its luxury is seamless and efficient, yet extremely comfortable. Every detail has been individually treated with a sense of aesthetics, transcending functionality, transforming the daily experience into pleasure. This present-day lifestyle is supported by a wide range of services: wireless internet connection, a restaurant with delicious cuisine and 24 hour room service.

Green – Surrounded by tranquil green environs, jüSTa isolates you from the noisy hustle and bustle of the outside world. It creates a Luxurious haven, where ‘Green’ becomes a continuous thread throughout the jüSTa experience.

Indian – For jüSTa, art is more than just decor. We believe that art is the ultimate expression of a culture. At jüSTa, each piece of art reflects a dimension of the Indian culture, traditional or emerging. Unique art pieces have been integrated in jüSTa’s experience and play a dynamic role in delivering the brand that is distinctively India.