India Premiere Of Film On Homeopathy – ‘JUST ONE DROP’ on  April 9


Premiere to be hosted by city’s leading Homeopath Dr. (Mrs.) Vishpala Parthasarthy

The India premiere of the international film  ‘Just One Drop’  will be held at The Grand Ballroom, The Leela Hotel, Sahar, Mumbai on 9th April 2017. ‘Just One Drop’  takes the viewer on the journey of over 200 years of the medical practice  of Homeopathy, the current research, its use in curing modern day illnesses and the on-going debates on the medical science. Leading Homeopath Dr. (Mrs.) Vishpala Parthasarthy will be hosting the premiere. ‘Just One Drop’  has been crowd funded from donors across the world at a cost of about USD 80000.

‘Just One Drop’  takes a no-holds-barred look at the most debated form of medicine ever invented. The film is directed by Laurel Chiten who has been critiquing and influencing social issues for over 25 years. Her previous films have gained her acknowledgment and respect from doctors, researchers and institutions including Harvard Medical School, UCLA, MIT, and Harvard University Her films include:  Twisted  (2006) about people with the neurological disorder, dystonia,  Touched, (2003) about people who think they have had contact with aliens and the Harvard psychiatrist who believed them,  The Jew in the Lotus(1999), about a group of rabbis that met with the Dalai Lama, and  Twitch. Her film Shout  (1994) which was about people living with Tourette Syndrome was nominated for a National Emmy.