Images of the iPhone 5SE have surfaced indicating a dark secret

New photos of the iPhone 5SE have surfaced indicating that Apple has decided to leave out a key feature. The iPhone 5SE is supposed to have power of an iPhone 6S but the size of an iPhone 5S specifically targeted at users who prefer the feel and size of the 5S. posted production line photos of the iPhone 5SE verifying that the upcoming device will not support 3D Touch–Apple’s pressure sensitive touch feature.

The website pointed out the absence of integral parts necessary for 3D Touch (marked in yellow) on the iPhone SE or 5SE (left), while parts can clearly be seen on the iPhone 6S (Right).

Tim Cook

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The images also lead us to believe that there are two prototypes although both design look similar to each other as well as the classic 2013 iPhone 5S. Apple has not yet confirmed which design they plan on pushing out or whether they plan on retaining 3D Touch technology in the forthcoming device so for now everything is under speculation.