‘I Am The Problem Solver-In-Chief’: Uber Founder At Mega Start-Up Meet


New Delhi: Uber Founder Travis Kalanick addressing a session at ‘Start Up India’ meet said he thinks of himself as a problem solver-in-chief and that Uber’s mission is to make transportation reliable for everyone, everyday. Top global entrepreneurs are discussing the present and future scenarios at Start Up India, government’s mega meet.

Here are the highlights:
Find your problem that you are passionate about. We couldn’t find taxis and we did something about it.
New York City has had around 13K cabs for 60 years, that’s artificial scarcity
Taxi drivers pay $40K per year to rent a car. That was the actual problem that created Uber
At Uber I think of myself as the Problem Solver-In Chief. I want as many hard problems as I can get
You have to be the math professor that keeps looking for the next harder problem
Ultimately we want cars to move through cities autonomously
Einstein said, creativity is intelligence having fun
So one day a year we do Uber Ice Cream. You press a button and you get Ice cream delivered to you
That is fun because one day we all used to chase ice cream trucks, today we are making the ice cream chase you
Sometimes it comes down to entrepreneurs understanding risk and figuring out a way to mitigate it
Making magic is very important. At Uber we have four ideas.
Give people their time back, Bring calm back in their lives, Bring joy, Give them some money
Being able to see the future years away is part of entrepreneurship
In office we have the saying ‘fear is the disease, hustle is the answer’
And my Indian team asks what is hustle in Hindi?
Of course Uber is about transportation, but if you tell your story in a way to present a bigger picture, you can inspire people.
As we see the world going global, I believe R&D and innovation are about the three bays – Bay Area, Beijing and Bangalore.
Our mission is reliable transportation for everyone, everyday.