How to Pass ACT Test?

    How To Pass ACT Test

    ACT is not an easy task, and the same cannot be passed with a hit and trial method. One who is preparing for ACT (American College Training) has to be attentive, focused and hardworking. Here you will get your result on how much knowledge you have acquired and learned. If you are planning to start your prep-work a month or 15 days before then, there is likely any hope for you to crack the best colleges. But you are focused and have planned schedule then for sure you dream college will open its doors for you.

    Given below you will find some useful suggestions and tips that will help you in passing ACT Test in one shot:

    • First of all, you should finalize a list of the colleges you are willing to join – This should be the first step for every ACT aspirant. Start making a note of at least 8-12 colleges that you think is good for your future studies. In the total list assign some as safety colleges and some as reach colleges. It will take time to finalize the list so don’t expect it to be done in one go.
    • Set down ACT score for every college in your list – The list of colleges that you have will have separate rules and info about the scores. To analyze the score, visit the website of each college one by one and check in brief. The average ACT score ranges from 25-75 percentile. Here is a quick idea about the percentile:
      • 25 percentile score means the particular college has minimum 25% of students with ACT score.
      • 75 percentile score means the specific college has about 75% of its total students with ACT score.
    • Decide your range of score – Now until now you must have got the idea of the score that you can set for you. Don’t keep only high scores for yourself; this is because if you are opting for 75 percentile means you have to compete only with the top colleges. So be reasonable and plan your benchmark for this set an average score with the passing of 25 and highest of 75. Plus, the count can be increased after continuous practice.


    Plan separate strategies for every subject. Here we will give you a guide for every matter individually:

    • English – The very quick tip to ascertain the errors in any sentence is to read it thoroughly for two to three times. By this way, you will figure out the errors quickly. For the passages read it carefully and then answer. In case of any mistakes you will have an option of “No change” but use it only when necessary.


    • Mathematics – This section has two things to consider that are diagrams and numbers. The problem will be given in the form of either diagrams or tables or numbers along with some clues. Read the clues side by side and try to figure out the answer with the help of real numbers. This trick will work. Practice as much as you can.


    • Reading – there will be four passages structured in a pre-decided manner that is listed below-
      • Narrative
      • Social Science
      • Humanities
      • Natural science
    • As you know the sequence, start with the passage you are comfortable on. This way you will not encounter any nervousness and one by one you will be able to solve the problems.


    • Science – It is no doubt a complicated subject, and likewise, you will get similar problems. What you need to do is to put down the topics that you are not well-known about and carry on with the remaining ones. This way you can solve the easy ones fast and will have enough time for the complicated ones. Coming to graphs, try to answer it fast as it will have all the necessary information and can be solved in minutes.


    • Essay – Never ignore this topic even if it is optional. An essay gets its perfect shape only with an attractive introduction and conclusion. So plan your theme with a proper format. Practice essays on every topic, this will enhance your knowledge and speed both.


    • How much should an aspirant spend on solving each section –


    Rule of any exam is not to waste even a second on a question that is troubling, every time move on to the subsequent one. Now here we will let you know as how much time you should spend on one question as per ACT Sample Exam Questions section:


    • For English use about 30 seconds on one question.
    • For Maths use about 60 seconds on one question.
    • Reading use about 45 seconds on one question.
    • For Science use about 45 seconds on one question.


    Try to be quicker so that you have enough time for the complicated ones and will be prevented from time pressure.

    • Don’t forget to review – If you are working on your question paper as per the given time then you will surely get enough time for studying. The answers which you are confident about skip them and start to review for the confusing ones. This way you will get a chance to get the accurate results.


    • What to do if the answers are confusing? – Every question has only one answer so if you are confused and are not able to get the correct answer to try the elimination method. As per this method remove the wrong ones one by one, and you will finally end with a correct answer.


    • Take a restful sleep – The day of the examination will be stressful so make sure you take enough rest at night. Next morning wake up early and revise the critical points followed up with a healthy breakfast.


    • Practice brings perfection – This rule works in every field and especially when it comes to how to pass ACT (American College Training)? Make it into your daily routine to practice at least one set be it previous papers or a sample paper. The more you will practice and solve questions, the more you will get closer to your goal. Here online test series, question papers, and the online test will also be helpful.


    Follow the tips as mentioned above and work hard. Remember nothing is impossible.