How to Handle Customers That Refuse to Pay

When a customer refuses to pay you, how are you going to deal with it? You cannot afford to be wasting your products, services, and resources in such a manner, and you certainly cannot allow your business to be taken advantage of like that — if other people see that your business is easy to manipulate in this instance, what’s stopping them from attempting the same thing? It is imperative, then, that you take action whenever a customer flat-out refuses to pay up.


To find some of the best practices when it comes to handling customers that refuse to pay, make sure to read on.

Cover yourself financially

First and foremost, you need to ensure that your business is covered from a financial standpoint. If this isn’t your very first course of action, you might not have a business for much longer, let alone a chance of chasing down the payment that is owed to you. Quite simply, you need to ensure that you are able to afford your monthly bills, which is why you need to find a way to cover your financial loss while you are chasing your money.

 There are a plethora of quick cash solutions out there for you to make use of, whether you’ve got a bad credit history or not. It’s true; people with bad credit still have a chance of being viable to take out monthly payment online loans. You need not worry about your financial past coming back to haunt you in this instance, then, as there are always lenders out there waiting and willing to help.

Don’t lose contact with the customer

Now onto the act of chasing down the money that is owed to you. In this particular instance, it is incredibly important that you don’t lose contact with the customer. That’s what they want — they want you to forget all about them so that they can slip off with your money without any trouble. You need to give them trouble, though, by getting into contact with them at least once a week. The moment they stop answering or returning your calls is when you need to get serious.

Partner up with a factoring company

If the customer doesn’t seem to be respecting your polite requests for the money they owe you, you have to get a bit tougher with them, which means partnering up with a factoring company. This company will pay you the money you are owed (excluding the fee they charge for their services), and take it upon themselves to chase the unpaid invoice down. The end result? You get your money, and you get to take solace in the fact that the un-paying customers hasn’t got away with it.

You could provide the best possible service for them, and some customers will still refuse to pay you. Unfortunately, some people are just like that. You cannot allow for these people to get away with it, though, and you shouldn’t cannot afford for your finances to take a hit as a result of this problem. It is imperative, then, that you take the above advice and that you handle customers the refuse to pay in the best way possible.


Photo by Ben White on Unsplash