How Stem Cell Therapy can play a vital role in treatment of infertility

Regenerative medicine is an innovative approach that can help in recovery of normal and even tissues that may have been damaged because of some disease or injured by way of trauma. Stem has emerged as very promising biomedical technique in regenerative medicine and has gone through rapid advancements in the last few decades. It has now established itself as a major clinical care option.


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Stem Cell Research has shown clear evidence of the transformational prospects it offers. Stem is trying to overcome many degenerative medical conditions that result in death. It has offered a ray of hope to solve many orthopaedic and neurological problems such as strokes, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, motor neuronal disease (ALS), auto-immune diseases, Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and even anti-aging treatments.

One of the treatments, Lipokraft, offers practical and long-lasting solutions for removing lines, wrinkles and even scars. It is a simple process in which 20-40 ml adipose tissue or fat is harvested from one’s own belly or buttock and then it is taken to the lab. Stem cells are then harvested along with SDF alpha and secretome.

This treatment can be used in any part of the body. Since patient’s own cells are taken in this process, the risk of immune rejection is completely avoided as compared to when cells are taken from another person’s body. Taking cells from someone else’s body, redeveloping it and grafting it on another person’s body is expensive and complicated. Stem is thus helping in finding alternative sources of cells through different techniques.

Regardless of the original source of the cells, is able to offer new technology, to manufacturing specialised cells -liver cells, brain cells,

Another treatment, Repokraft, offers lot of hope for infertile couples, even to those who have lost their hope after multiple IVF treatments and for those with thin endometrium and poor ovarian reserve.The treatment makes use of autologous stem cell therapy, combined with freshly prepared Platelet Rich Plasma, which can reconstruct endometrial tissue in the vivo. A major differentiator in this new-age and innovative treatment is usage of adult stem cells identified in the highly regenerative human endometrium. has gained considerable attention and seems to provide “breakthrough” in production.

can play a very vital role in the treatment of The use of artificially created sperms and eggs using stem cell technology has shown a lot of potential. Prior experiments on mice have indicated it is possible to turn stem cells — the body’s unprogrammed “master” cells — into sperms or eggs. Another stem cell therapy Prochymal is helping treat children with graft-versus-host disease (an acute immune reaction to a bone marrow transplant).It is the first stem cell therapy approved by the Canadian authorities.

Stem Cell Therapy is a fast-paced area of science which promises a lot of solutions for existing

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