How some of India’s biggest companies faltered on industrial safety

Tuesday’s explosion at SAIL’s Bhilai plant is not the first that shocked the nation, which faces serious concerns over industrial safety. One of the most recent ones include an explosion at Bharat Petroleum Corporation Mumbai refinery in August, in which 21 people were reported to be injured. Here is a recall of some major fatal incidents reported in the past few years…

Jul 27, 2005: An offshore platform of in Bombay High gutted, killed at least 4

Oct 29, 2009: Fire at IndianOil’s oil depot tank holding 8,000 kl in Jaipur killed 12 and injured 200

Sep 23, 2009: Collapse of a 275-m chimney being constructed at Vedanta’s Bharat Aluminium plant killed at least 45

Jun 27, 2014: A fire after a blast at a GAIL underground gas pipeline in Nagaram, Andhra Pradesh that killed 18 and injured 40

Nov 2, 2017: Explosion in a boiler at NTPC’s Unchahar plant in district that claimed more 45 lives

Based on data compiled by Business Standard, 8 of the 30 in the Sensex that shared data of fatalities for the 2016-17 and 2015-16, reported 99 fatalities in 2016-17 against 86 in the previous year. Industry experts agree this number would be the tip of the iceberg, as Sensex are expected to follow best industrial practices. Here is a look at how some of largest producers — private and public — of oil, power, coal and metal performed on industrial safety

How some of India's biggest companies faltered on industrial safety

Compiled by Amritha Pillay & Shine Jacob

Notes: Fatalities data from JSW Steel in FY17 was not readily available

Source: Company Sustainability reports, reports

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