Hajmola takes Chunavi Dangal to Nauchandi

Meerut, June, 2019: India’s leading Science-based Ayurveda Company Dabur India Ltd today has rolled out a unique consumer activation programme – Hajmola Chunavi Dangal, an election to identify the consumers’ favourite flavour of Hajmola digestive tablets — at the ongoing Nauchandi Mela in Meerut. Dabur has created a ‘Chunavi Dangal Zone’ at the mela grounds where the various Hajmola flavours are being sampled to consumers, who are then asked to vote for their favorite flavor. The winning flavor will be elected ‘Mukhya Flavour Mantri 2019’.

Speaking about the initiative, Dabur India Ltd Marketing Head-OTC Healthcare Mr. Ajay Singh Parihar said: “Hajmola Chunavi Dangal is an exciting brand activation which is helping us engage consumers with a unique election campaign. We have created a first-of-its-kind ‘Matdaan Kendra’ (Voting Zone) at Nauchandi, where visitors get a chance to try out all variants of Hajmola. Each flavour has been depicted as a candidate for the election and they will try to woo voters with their individual manifesto.”

The Live voting, he said, is being conducted through an actual ballot box and a Hajmola seal which is imprinted on the hand of each voter, taking the massive consumer engagement to an altogether different level. “Nukkad Natak artists have also been engaged to interact with the visitors and spread awareness about the activation”

Hajmola takes Chunavi Dangal to Nauchandi

The specially designed zone is converted into a polling booth where voters/visitors can cast their votes for their favourite flavour. “Each flavour has its own election symbol and a manifesto to influence visitors and the Nukkad Natak artists are performing as flavour mantris. The different Hajmola variants portrayed as candidates are: Imli Devi, Chatcola Singh, Regular Yadav, Anar Kali, Pudina Ram. The results of the election is also announced at the end of each day,” Mr. Parihar said.

“This specially created engagement and activation zone will reinforce the strong bond that Hajmola has with fun, food and celebration. Hajmola, an iconic brand with a chatpata irresistible taste, has been adding chatpati masti in the daily lives of families across generations,” he added.