Guess which state is country’s top job creator?


Karnataka has been ranked as the country’s top job creating state with over 24% share during the fourth quarter of the last fiscal, according to a study. It is followed by Maharashtra (23%) and Tamil Nadu (10.5%), said the study by Assocham.

Information technology (IT) sector created about 57% of about nine lakh job openings recorded between January-March, 2016, followed by services (19%) and manufacturing (11%), according to the report.

Banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sector accounted for just over eight% share followed by construction and real estate (3.5% share). Within Karnataka, ITEs accounted for over 65% share in job openings across the state followed by services (16%), manufacturing (eight%), BFSI (6%) and construction and real estate sector (2.5%).

The Assocham Economic Research Bureau (AERB) had analysed the data sourced primarily from vacancies posted by companies via various job portals together with advertisements offering employment opportunities published in national and regional dailies across India.

Karnataka had recorded 2.16 lakh job openings in the first quarter of the last fiscal followed by Maharashtra (two lakh), Tamil Nadu (93,000), Andhra Pradesh and Telangana region combined (82,000) and Haryana (72,000).

Sector-wise, Karnataka leads in terms of job openings in ITES sector with 28% share in over five lakh jobs created by the sector followed by Maharashtra (20.5%), Tamil Nadu (11%), Andhra Pradesh-Telangana (10%) and Uttar Pradesh (eight%), it said.

Services sector recorded 1.69 lakh jobs in January-March quarter of 2015-16 with Maharashtra accounting for the “lion’s share” of about 24% followed by Karnataka (21%), Haryana (8.4%), Uttar Pradesh (8.2%) and Andhra Pradesh-Telangana (8.1%).

In manufacturing sector, Maharashtra has recorded highest share with 22.5% in over 99,000 job openings, followed by Karnataka (19%), Tamil Nadu (12%), Andhra Pradesh-Telangana (nine%) and Gujarat (8%).

Maharashtra also topped with highest share in job openings recorded in BFSI and construction and real estate with a share of about 31% in both sectors each, while Karnataka followed with a share of 18% and 17% respectively, it added.