Google Play revamp highlights indie games


A new Indie Corner showcase on Google’s Android app storefront makes it easier to find unique game ideas from independent developers.

Google is following through on a promise made during the tech and advertising company’s Developer Day at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in March. With the Indie Corner designed to “highlight amazing games built by indie developers,” developers had been invited to submit their titles for consideration. Apps would be chosen based on two broad criteria: quality of experience and exemplary use of Google Play game services.

The announcement came at a time when Google Play was launching a new raft of game services for developers and players to investigate. Over a dozen titles have been curated for the first Indie Corner showcase, just over half of them available as free downloads. Many are already well known among mobile gaming communities but the showcase will help broaden their audiences.

“Downwell” and “harmony 3” are available for US $3, “HoPiKo” and “Chameleon Run” for US $2, and “Super Arc Light” is a US $0.99 download while “twofold inc.” goes for US $3.99. Free titles include strategy “Brave Guardians,” puzzlers “AfterLoop” and “Launchasaurus,” and action games “Hammer Bomb – Creepy Dungeons!,” “Barrier X,” “Beat Jumper,” “Bit Blaster,” “Mighty Crew: Millennium Legend,” and “Quick Whack: Cube Clicker.” The move corresponds to Apple’s own Indie Game Showcase, set up in March 2014, an event which coincided with the Game Developers Conference held that year.