Have you given up on your LPG subsidy? You can reclaim it in a year


All those who have given up their LPG subsidy in adherence to the government’s ‘Give it up’ campaign will be allowed to reclaim their subsidy after the campaign ends, a report in a leading daily said.

The government will soon look at various options after the campaign ends, Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has been quoted as saying in the report.

He said that the ‘Give it up’ campaign was only for a year, and all those who have given up their subsidy, will be free to apply for it again. There, however, will be no auto renewal of the subsidy, he said.
Pradhan was answering a question if the subsidies can be reclaimed if there’s a hike in LPG price or a huge difference between the market prices and subsidised rates.

Currently, a consumer is entitled to 12 subsidised cylinders of 14.2 kg per year. In Delhi, a subsidised cylinder costs Rs 419.13, a non-subsidised cylinder (for domestic use) costs Rs 509.50.

PM Modi to launch Rs 8,000-crore scheme to provide free LPG connections to poor
The ‘Give it up’ campaign was launched by Modi on March 27 last year, where he appealed to the well-to-do to voluntarily give up their LPG subsidy so that they can be allotted to the poor.

As of March 27, a year after the campaign was rolled out, nearly 90 lakh Indians had voluntarily given up their LPG subsidy.

90 lakh people give up LPG subsidies in one year: Government
Back then, Modi said that 2.8 lakh people giving up their LPG subsidy would lead to a benefit of at least Rs 100 crore. As against that 90 lakh people have given up their subsidies.

Now, Modi is going to launch a Rs 8,000-crore scheme parallel to the ‘Give It Back’ campaign, which is set to give free LPG connections to women from five crore BPL families in three years.