FPSB India issues Notice of Termination of its Agreement with Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd.,US

Mumbai, October 5, 2018: Financial Planning Standards Board India (“FPSB India”) the Indian Affiliate of Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd. (“FPSB Ltd., US”) to administer the CFP Certification Program in India,hasserved the Notice of TerminationtoFPSB Ltd., US.[http://fpsb.co.in/Upload/General/PDF/Notice_of_Termination.PDF] .

FPSB India issues Notice of Termination of its Agreement with Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd.,US

As per the notice period served, Affiliation and License Agreement dated March 1, 2005 (“Affiliation Agreement”) will terminate on March 31, 2019.


During the said notice period, i.e. up to March 31, 2019, FPSB Indiashallcontinue to perform all its activities and shall comply with its roles and responsibilities, as legally permissible, under the said Affiliation Agreement.


FPSB India has nurtured the Financial Planning movement in India over the last eighteen (18) years working with all the stakeholders including Financial Consumers, Financial Planners,                         Industry Participants, Financial Institutions, the Media, the Regulators and the Government as well. The competence, ethical conduct of the Advisers and the fiduciary nature of Financial Planning services in the best interests and the Well-Being of the Financial Consumers have always been the thresholds of its existence. The true testimony of FPSB India’s efforts over the years is emancipated through the Financial Planning emerging as a distinct stream in the financial services and becoming a household name. FPSB Indiahasbeeneffectively coordinating with the regulatory agencies for evolving the policy decisions and regulations in the best interest of the Financial Consumers and Financial Advisers alike.In this endeavour, FPSB India has been consistently supported and guided by over fifty (50) leading institutions across Asset Management, Banking, Insurance, and Securities Market amongst others which have beentheFounders of FPSB India.


The Vice Chairman and CEOofFPSB India, Mr. Ranjeet S Mudholkar said that, “The establishment shall continue its endeavor to be the Body of Knowledge of Financial Planning in the country, and its constituents shall pursueserving the Financial Consumers as respective epicenters in the discipline in all possible ways.”



Over the years, more than thirty eight thousand (38,000) candidates have registered with FPSB India under its Certification Programs and the candidates have been successful in various             stand-alone modules, viz. Associate Financial Planner (AFP) pertaining to different streams of investment, insurance, retirement and personal taxation as well.


FPSB India applauds the efforts of over twenty five thousand (25,000) professionals who have been successful in the FPSB India administered CFPand AFP administered certification programs. The certification embodies a broad spectrum of topics ranging from Investment, Insurance, RetirementtoTax Planning and Succession Planning of a household and individuals, covering the entire ambit of personal finance domain.


Thousands of FPSB India certified professionals are employed in the banking, insurance, financial services sector and many of them are successfully working as independent professionals as well.


FPSB India expresses its gratitude to all such professionals and over sixty (60) Education Partners and Resource Persons across India for providing quality education and training for the FPSB India Certification Programs.

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