Food Lovers Enjoying French Delicacies At ‘Zero Km To Paris’ At Eclairs

Bhopal : We often come across people who dig internet to learn recipes, popular in different countries and try to copy and execute them. Lack of real experience is a concerning factor for experiencing the perfection. Understanding this, Courtyard Marriott brings international flavors to Bhopalites and in the very series is organising a food fest of French pastries and cakes. Fest which will last until 31st of March at Eclair – The Lounge is serving a wide and unique variety of french pastries and cakes, crafted by the in-house expert pastry chef Mr. Vinkal Kumar. Marriott’s executive chef Ravinder Singh Panwar claims that the pastries and cakes made by Mr. Vinkal are so original that you get that euphoria as if you are in France and that is why the fest is named as ‘Zero Km to Paris’. 
Explaining the legacy of French pastries he added that French pastry and cakes are one of the best in the globe. Describing artistic tradition i all aspects, the European country is quite well known for its custard, cakes, madeleine, choux, macaroons and the list goes on. According to expert Chef Mr. Vinkal Kumar the menu includes; Salted Banana Caramel Cake, Intensho Cake, French Formage Gateaux cake and Strawberry Charlotte Cake. Besides these, the pastry department constitutes; Plaisur De Sucre, French Napoleon Pastry, The Opera, Apple Vewreios and Lemon Tarts.

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