Explore the Unexplored Mumbai with UberTOURISTER

UBER American Tourister

American Tourister partners with Uber Mumbai to let Mumbaikars enjoy a tour of the city at the push of a button

31st March, 2016, Mumbai: So much to see, so little time. Whether you’ve just moved to Mumbai or been here all your life, there are thousands of fascinating experiences tucked away in Mumbai that are waiting for you to explore them!

American Tourister and Uber Mumbai have partnered to help you explore the unexplored and turn tourist in Mumbai with UberTOURISTER: hyperlocal city tours on-demand, through a hidden view in the app! This line of thought is also being promoted by American Tourister’s latest campaign – ‘Tourister Your Everyday’, because interesting sights and sounds should not be restricted only to vacations.

“American Tourister and Uber have come up with this initiative to make you travel to the off-beat locations that are present in Mumbai that you may not have explored till now. This activity is also an effort to give you a touristy feel in your own city and who else to bring this concept alive than Uber, which makes the entire city more accessible! Through Tourister your everyday campaign we want to remind our consumers that American Tourister backpacks is not just your travel accessory but also your companion in the everyday journey.” Added Anushree Tainwala, Executive Director, Marketing, Samsonite South Asia Pvt. Ltd.

On Sunday, the 3rd of April, you can avail of a guided city-wide tour of the places that lay hidden in the bylanes, alleyways and quiet corners, in the forgotten buildings and untaken left turns, in your own city, Mumbai. So, on that day, between 2-3 PM, you can order an UberTourister for the ultimate out-of-the-box experience in your own city.

Tour Destinations:

1. Picturesque Bandra: Explore the multicultural history and heritage of the Queen of Mumbai’s Suburbs: Bandra. Take in the street art & graffiti of Ranwar village, visit the quintessential Bandra Fort and trace Colonial & Portuguese history through Bandra’s bylanes & magnificent churches.

Tour starts on foot at 4pm. Maximum tour size: 50 people.

2. The Fortress that Bombay Once Was: Relive Mumbai’s history with a walk through the old British Buildings in South Mumbai. This tour focuses on the art & architecture of the area, visiting places like the Town Hall, Horniman Circle, Flora Fountain, David Sassoon Library, Churchgate, CST & the Blue Synagogue, with stops at SoBo’s most famous art galleries.

Tour starts on foot at 4pm. Maximum tour size: 100 people.

3. Parsi Potpourri at Dadar: Soak in the heritage of one of the most eclectic communities in Maximum City: the Parsis. Visit Rustom Faramna Agiary Parsi, followed by the largest Parsi colony in India, where legends like Freddie Mercury once lived. Experience the Parsi lifestyle and most importantly, Parsi Food, as we move on to a nearby Irani cafe for a chat.

Tour starts on foot at 4pm. Maximum tour size: 20 people.

4. Yum Matunga (A Southie Food Trail in Matunga): Ever wondered where to eat the best Dosas in the city? Quell your curiosity with delicious south Indian food in Matunga, where we explore its hidden nooks crammed with cafes and restaurants. Sink your teeth into piping hot Idlis, Vadas & Dosas!

Tour starts on foot at 4.30pm. Maximum tour size: 20 people.

5. The Trail by the Lake in Thane: Visit the unexplored sister city of Mumbai known for its lakes, a temple and church that have survived centuries. The trail winds through the most popular of the 10 lakes of Thane: Masunda Lake, with all its calm and serenity. Make a pit stop for one of the best Misal pavs in Maharashtra, stopping for conversations about anything and everything.

Tour starts on foot at 5.00pm. Maximum tour size: 20 people.

· Open your app between 2 & 3 PM on Sunday, April 3, 2016
· Enter the code UBERTOURISTER in the promotions tab to unlock the hidden view!
· Select the UBERTOURISTER view and hit request
· If connected, you and two friends can choose any 1 of 5 tours listed below
· All tours are 1.5 hours long, on foot, conducted by experts and free of cost
· Demand will be high, you may need to request more than once
· Tours have limited capacity & will be available on a 1st come 1st serve basis!