Estonia, the new study destination for students from the two Telugu states!

Hyderabad, October 2018: India has maintained its dominance in the international student population across the globe and now slowly the percentage of students choosing to go offshores from tier 2 cities is increasing at a rapid speed.


While it was UK, USA, Germany and Australia that Indians would flock to for their degrees till now, students are presently looking for alternatives due to the Visa issues with these countries and extremely high cost of fees as well as cost of living there. Estonia, thus, is emerging as the new favourite European nation for studies with its competitive tuition fees structure and scholarship options in comparison to other leading study abroad destinations. For example, Studying in Estonia is more economically viable for international students as it offers an academic pedigree that easily competes with other countries with its highly ranked degrees and specialised courses.


Estonia has now become the new study destination for students from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, “Estonia is the most entrepreneurial country in Europe – a treasure trove. Estonia one of the most developed digital society in the world. It is the start-up haven of Europe also dream destination to fast-track your career. Estonia`s vibrant and affordable environment together with well-developed technology sector make Estonia an attractive place to study and live. With high-quality higher education, internationally accepted degrees and various scholarships this is a safe target country for international degree. Besides Hyderabad we have seen a huge interest from cities Vizag, Vijayawada, Tirupati, Warangal, Karimnagar etc., Estonia’s higher education focuses on strong links with industry; as a student you will be able to gain practical experience, even design your own start-up. ” says Payal Rajpal, Ambassador for Study Estonia, a programme that was launched in India last year to encourage Indian students to study specialised courses in Estonia like Cyber Security, IT, Robotics etc.


She adds that Estonia offers international students a high probability of in-country employment after graduation as they are granted 9 months stay back option after their course completion to search for a job. “Estonia is a great choice for studies as it has International standard of education, with post-study work opportunities,” she further explains.

 Estonia, the new study destination for students from the two Telugu states!

Courses in English at Estonian universities include: Start-Up Entrepreneurship, Game Design and development, Creativity and Business Innovation, Software Development and Entrepreneurship for the Undergraduates costing between 3000 to 6000 Euros average per year only and International Business Administration for Masters Programme. To apply, the student must have 50% marks in his previous course along with 5.5 IELTS score as proof of English language knowledge.


  1. E. Riho Kruuv, Ambassador of Estonia in India, said, “Estonia is an innovative digital society that offers excellent opportunities for study at world-class universities at affordable prices. It’s also one of the most developed digital society in the world. It is the start-up haven of Europe. We look forward to see Indian students come to Estonia for study and work for trend setting companies.”


Estonia is the next gen study hub for fast tracking ones career. Innovative courses in the areas of e-governance, besides the popular ‘startup entrepreneurship degree’ with practical work exposure while studying in the startup area.


In Estonia, students have an opportunity to live in a modern European country with Nordic values and living standards in a eco-friendly and picturesque surrounding.

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