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New Delhi, Delhi, India
Global ACT (Global Academy for Consulting and Training) is an organization steered by a revolutionary entrepreneur Mr. Vivek Bindra – an International Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Leadership Consultant and CEO Coach. Global ACT is one of the few pioneers in the Learning and Development industry offering business focused solutions for end-to-end personnel development for corporates. The organization has now introduced a revolutionary concept disrupting the entire learning and development industry and helping Corporate giants in empowering their manpower by reducing the cost invested in development of an employee by 20% and giving a transforming significant shift by increasing the ROI of training interventions by 500%. The concept is named as “Training Process Outsourcing” that raves Corporate in India and has boggled the minds of Corporates and Learning & Development Industry by giving them huge success through their “SMART” solution of Training Process Outsourcing. (To know about the SMART Solution of TPO visit www.globalact.in)
The concept was introduced after an extensive research of 128 days conducted by the mind players of Global ACT with various corporates across verticals. This research was an eye-opener for the entire gamut of learning and development industry when Global ACT revealed the challenges industry faces when it comes to corporate training and development. The challenges uncovered through this extensive research and study revealed that:

Only 12% of total employee strength within the organizations are drivers and remaining 88% of employees are Passengers.
80% organizations claimed that there are Standard Training Content used by the Trainer during their facilitation or at the most the content is tailored / customized.
78% organizations say that Standalone Training Programs / Workshops offer no measurable and visible change in Growth, Profitability, Liquidity and Productivity.
80% of the organizations claim that training interventions are not cost effective.
74% organizations claim that there is no long- term applicability of the trainings given to the employees, as trainings are not aligned with organizational business goals.
82% organizations find it significantly difficult to measure the impact of training programs on ROI.
More than 60% of organizations claim that they struggle to find effective and appropriate Trainers and SMEs for their specific training needs.
95% organizations claim that participants forget the learning’s within 3-4 weeks of training.

“Today corporate are challenged with disengaged employees resulting in lack of efficiency, quality and loss of productivity within the organization. Also, standalone training which is conducted with the aim of improving and motivating people also fails to deliver the Goal. Today people fail to create positive performance oriented culture and don’t give importance to coaching, mentoring and feedback. Also, during the study HR personnel shared that they see lack of emotional intelligence in the applicants to handle crucial conversations, which causes employee disengagement,” informs Mr. Vivek Bindra, Founder – Director, Global ACT.

In such tough times where people are losing confidence in the concept of trainings, Global ACT gives corporates a “Run for its Money”, with its unique and one of a kind “Training Process Outsourcing” Concept and “Blue Ocean Strategy”. “During our survey, 63% organizations say that they don’t have time for trainings and 75% organizations responded that participants consider training as a picnic. Addressing all these challenges, with the “Training Process Outsourcing” concept, Global ACT has charmed the Lofty Chambers of the top CEOs and will revolutionize the training industry, which is at a nascent stage,” he shared.

Elaborating on the TPO concept Mr. Bindra shared that to make the learning effective, Global ACT will not only conduct trainings but will also provide hand holding to each participant towards their goals and priorities by their unique COACHING process. As the name suggests, TPO, is a process where participants are not left post training, but they are supported to maintain their learning’s through post training interventions which will lead to 8 times better ROI to the organizations.

The concept of Global ACT as a revolutionary Consulting and Learning academy for the corporate is the brain child of Mr. Vivek Bindra. The laser sharp search of Corporate India for a GAP partner for any and every type of cost effective learning intervention ends at Global ACT. The corporate training needs of Global ACT’s (www.globalact.in) clients are managed by their huge bandwidth of over 3000 Certified & Experienced Training Partners PAN India from across industries and competencies.

About the Facilitator

Mr. Vivek Bindra is the founder of Global ACT – Global Academy for Consulting and Training. A Revolutionary Entrepreneur, International Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Leadership Consultant and CEO Coach. He is an eminent published author of 10 highly motivating and insightful books. He speaks to corporate and public audiences on; Business Strategy, Coaching and Mentoring, Leadership Development, VMOSA (Vision – Mission – Objectives – Strategy – Action Plan), Outbound Team Building, Strategy & Execution, Management Principles from Bhagavad Gita, Train the Trainer.

As an exemplary entrepreneur he has founded his dream organization ‘Global ACT’ (Global Academy for Consulting and Training) and is steering it to new highs of a multimillion dollar venture. Consistently awarded as “Best Corporate Trainer in India” for consecutive two years by Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. for the FY 2013 – 14 and 2014 – 15. More than a Million are following his work globally. His YouTube Channel comprising of High Voltage Videos have gained immense popularity across 117 countries globally.