‘Dravidian Street Food Of South India’ To Begin At Courtyard by Marriott From April 6

Undertake a culinary journey into the food of the Dravidians at the `Dravidian Street Food Of South India’ being held at MoMo Café- the multi cuisine restaurant, Courtyard by Marriott from April 6 to 16 between 7 to 11 pm.

Bhopal, 4 April, 2017 : The word Dravidian takes you back into history – rather many thousands of years ago when these early settlers lived in many parts of today’s south and central India. There is also a theory that the Indus Valley people were Dravidians too. The history of the various linguistic groups of the larger Dravidian `community’ is fascinating. So also is their cuisine. No exploration of Indian street food is complete without a trip to street food of “Dradvian state”  and simply we call it as spice route of India, which  remains a prime foodie destination for spice lovers.

Chef M.Y. Amruthavalli, who hails from, Tamilnadu and is settled in Hyderabad, for the last  42 Years, will take the food lovers in Bhopal on a journey to `Dravidian Street Food Of South India’ to trace the long history of this cuisine by cooking and

Courtyard Marriott Bhopal
Courtyard Marriott, Bhopal Executive Chef Ravinder Singh Panwar With Chef M Y Amruthavalli

serving this sumptuous food. She said the food festival will include mouth watering varieties of food from Hyderabad, Chennai, Kochi & Karnataka. Some of them include stunning chutneys, majigga idli, pesarattu iddiappam, kalaapam and fried, stews, roast, seafood, and temple payasam.

“It has been a tough research as not much is written about Dravidian cuisine. There are limited references. But I have made an attempt to present a sample of the fare,” says Chef Amruthavalli. This festival is part of the community kitchen series of the hotel which has just begun.

Considering the vast geographical area the repertoire is quite vast. But Chef Amruthavalli’s research has enabled her to identify a few dishes which she presents at the festival. “The Dravidians made a dish called masaa which is similar to the modern dahivada. But I have adapted this in rasa vadai. They also made a `bread’ in a `tandoor’ but unfortunately there is no substantial information on this. So we could not incorporate it,” says Amruthavalli. This perhaps indicates that although rice was the staple diet, the Dravidians also ate a variety of wheat.

There are an equal number of veg and non-veg dishes from the four Southern States. “The Dravidians used hunted birds and vegetables like radish and pumpkin. At the hotel we serve lamb and chicken in various gravies,” says the chef.

Chef Amruthavalli will be assisted by junior chefs from Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. There will be live cooking stations for  stews & kal appam, Travencore appam, puttu & kadla, idlis & chutneys, Dosai, Muraku masala, vepadu, biryani station(mappila ,mandi, khabza, amboor, hyderabadi), Parota & roast. While one can enjoy kappa pappadumpidi (cassava fritters), Vazhapuzha cutlet (banana flowers croquettes), Meen kozhambu(fish curry), Urlai roast (potato and chillies), Avial, Poriyal,Pulsu, chicken chettinad, Palakoora Pappu (spinach & lentil), Guttimvenkaya (eggplant & sesame curry), Puloihora(tamarind rice), Besibellah bhath, kebabs, Payasam and Vatal appam at buffet.

About Chef M.Y. Amruthavalli

  • Chef M.Y. Amruthavalli hails from Madurai, Tamilnadu and is settled in Hyderabad, Telangana  for the last  42 Years.
  • She started her journey in the Culinary world  with Viceroy Hotels Limited and with Hyderabad Marriott since 2006.
  • She has 23 years of professional expertise.
  • She exemplifies in the South Indian Cuisine. Her specialty lies in making Sambar, Chutneys, Curd rice and all types of Tiffin/South Indian breakfast items.
  • Her simplicity, cheerfulness, helping and caring nature makes her very approachable person.
  • She has a passion for learning new things and training the youngsters in her team.
  • She has been part of Task Force assignments to Jaipur Marriott and Courtyard by Marriott Gurgaon for the South Indian Food Promotions and made the events a great success and generated a great fan following for herself.