Dots Will Connect: A Must Read Book For All


    Ramkrishna has been extremely thoughtful about the challenges and struggles of his past which eventually inspired him to author a book named “Dots will Connect”. The purpose of writing this book was to motivate people who have fallen prey to the unfavorable circumstances and are trapped in depression. Ramkrishna through his book has tried to be a torchbearer for people who have lost hope in their lives.

    The book is getting overwhelming response from the readers. Until now he has been promoting his book through Social Media and word of mouth. The book is available on Amazon and can be conveniently ordered online. Below are few of the book reviews received by “Dots will Connect”. Now he has been on a lookout for publishers to publish his book in order to spread the inspiring message to a wider audience.

    Dots will connect is a very simple and easy to understand story. This story is about two characters, Haar Singh and Jeet Singh. Both were successful and living a happy life.

    One morning, both found that a catastrophe had had changed their world completely. Haar Singh, unhappy and disoriented, had to start everything from scratch.

    Jeet Singh, on the other hand, was still leading a happy life and even enjoying more successes by converting obstacles into opportunities.

    ​We all face challenges in life. When you read about Haar Singh’s and Jeet Singh’s story, you can find a path to reinvent yourself to deal with uncertainties of life.

    It’s on Amazon store. Link is

    Ramkrishna belong to a small village of Ranhai Kala, located in Harda district of Madhya Pradesh. He left his studies in the final year of mechanical emgineering and came to Bhopal in the year 2000. He is presently working as a brand manager in a Gujarat based company.

    His next book “Love you so much” is a fiction is a story of a sucessful enterpreneur who under unavoidable circumstances decides to separate from a girl he loved so much. He never knew that his decision besides being extremely painful would lead him to the heights of success. For 20 long years, he leads an ordinary family life like others and achieved great success in his career but deep down in his heart there was a paramount emptiness. And when he encountered the girl he loved, he realised that the source of hapiness is heart, not mind and it took him 20 long years to understand this. what all were the circumstances and what all events took place in his life throughout the story prepares the plot of “Love you so much”.