Do you know about H1B Visa and related controversies?


Visa is a kind of confirmation document required for entry in a particular country. Getting visa of some countries needs extensive workout while some countries follow several flexibilities. Most of the Indian prefers their job location in US, UK, Canada etc. But among all the work visas, H1B work visa tops the demand as well as controversy. Today we will give you full details of H1B visa.

H1B Visa is mainly associated with a temporary permission to work in United States of America. It is a temporary non-immigrant US work visa which can be used by any US employers to employ skilled workers of other countries. One should have in payroll of the company based in America compulsorily to get an H1B visa he must be on the . Besides this USA issue some other non-immigrant work visas like L1A and L1B visas also but H1B visas are most popular among employers.   

Current US President Donald Trump policies of nation first are clearly opposing H1B visas for foreigners specially Indian professionals. He says that foreign workers encroaching the jobs of local residents of US. In this regard US government introduced a bill this year proposing an increase the minimum wage limit under the H1B visa to $130,000 from the current $60,000.  ‘Buy American Hire American’ slogan during his electoral campaigns President Trump wants to give priority and job security for US citizens.  

Every year, nearly 85,000 temporary H1B visas are issued by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, allowing US firms to recruit foreign workers. Among all H1B visa issues by US, nearly 70% of them are applied by Indians. So different tough provision to cut H1B visa numbers will affect Indian professionals as well as create more trouble for US based firms. India have a vast number of skill manpower which are required by US firms. Due to these preventive provision on H1B visa adverse effect may also grab US based companies due to less availability of trained professional.