Diversion of land now possible by land owner himself : Revenue Minister

Bhopal : June, 2018 : From now on no one will be required to get permission for the diversion of land in the court of the sub-divisional officer (Revenue). Now the landowner will be able to legally divert his land in anyway he wants to. He will have to calculate the amount of land revenue and the amount of premium payable for the use of land and deposit the amount himself and give the required information to the sub-divisional officer. This receipt will be treated as proof of diversion. The provision for taking permission is now being terminated. Revenue, Science and Technology Minister Shri Umashankar Gupta told that in this connection, Madhya Pradesh Land-Revenue Code (Amendment) Bill-2018 has been passed in the Assembly.

So far 58 amendments have been made in Land-Revenue Code

Shri Gupta told that so far 58 amendments have been made in Madhya Pradesh Land Revenue Code-1959. Despite this people’s expectations could not be met, hence Land Reforms Commission was constituted for suggestions of essential resources. Amendments were made in the Land-Revenue Code on the basis of the suggestions.

Free copy to be given after mutation

Diversion of land now possible by land owner himself : Revenue Minister

After the order for mutation, all the related parties will be given its copy free of cost after the order is registered in the all the land records. This provision has also been made that the land owner can retain as much land as he wanted and distribute the remaining land.

Demarcation by private agency

Now assistance will be taken of private authorised agency to settle cases of demarcation speedily. Agency will be devided for each district beforehand. If the party is not satisfied after the demarcation order by the tehsildar, he will be able to apply to the Sub-Divisional Officer who will get the demarcation done by a team of specialist employees.. Earlier these cases were presented in the Revenue Circle Gwalior.

Chapters 7 and 8 of the Land Revenue Code which are related to revenue survey and settlement in the rural and urban areas, are being excluded and retained instead in the form of Chapter-7 ground survey. Now the proceedings of the land survey will be undertaken under the collector’s control in place of revenue survey. Now the entire district will not be notified for the revenue survey. Now the Tehsil or even a smaller area than the tehsil can also be notified. Now entry of plots of small houses in the Khasra will also be possible.

Sector’s name in place of Patwari Halka

In order to streamline land records and make urban land management more systematic, now the name of the sector will be given in place of Patwari halka in the urban areas. Commissioner, Land Records will have the right to reorganize the sector.

In case of land records, such lands, which are diversioned for agriculture friendly purposes in agricultural land, will be shown as blocks in maps. If there are many plot holders, their different terrains will be shown.

Rs 1 lakh fine on encroachment

In cases of encroachment on government land, the maximum penalty of up to Rs 1 lakh can be imposed. In case of private land, there will be provision for penalty of up to Rs 50 thousand. With this, a compensation of Rs 10 thousand per hectare every year will be recovered from the encroacher on the land on which encroachment has been made. There were provisions of a fine of up to 20 percent of the value of the encroached land.

source: mpinfo.org

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