Dhanwanthari partners with Franchise India for Its brand expansion

~Plans INR 3-5 Cr investments in the next 1 year ~


Kerala, October, 2018: Dhanwanthari, Urban Ayurveda partners with Franchise India – Asia’s largest integrated franchise solutions company for its stores expansion PAN India. A tradition in Ayurvedic practitioners and experts, Kerala based Dhanwantari Vaidyashala is well-positioned to deploy India’s ancient science to heal contemporary health issues and diseases through Urban Ayurveda Centres. The company plans to open 15 stores in India and 5 abroad (Middle East Asia Centres, Europe) with an investment of INR 3-5 cr.

Dhanwanthari partners with Franchise India for Its brand expansion

Dhanwanthari through its Urban Ayurveda centers aims to provide health services to a growing section of society. With a legacy of 85 years of vast experience and 350 outlets, Dhanwantari offers new model of business in four different formats, which will be Urban Ayurveda – clinic, Urban Ayurveda – center, Urban Ayurveda – stores, Urban Ayurveda – SIS (Retail in Shop-in-shop format)

“We are happy to join hands with Franchise India for expanding our brand stores.We provide customized treatment across age groups with state-of-the-art facilities by qualified Ayurvedic medical practitioners, therapists, equipment and medicines. Rising health concerns and awareness of side-effects of allopathy are few of the major factors driving consumer preference for Ayurvedic products in the country. People are seeking a permanent relief rather than a swift however temporary solution. The opportunity is ripe to tap the growing market due to the rise in health conscious youth, working class and old aged peopledue to unhealthy diet, hectic lifestyle and food products. Ayurvedic is a holistic system which has roots to ancient India and cure of diseases done through medicines, diet, purification technique and detoxifications. We aim to extend the wealth and wisdom of Ayurveda to the public at affordable cost without compromising its age-old principles. Franchise India showed us a new age approach for our age old traditions and precise milestones to reach it. We plan to open 15 outlets in the country and 5 internationally in association with Franchise India,“said  Vaiidya  Gaurav J Gupte, MD, Ayurveda.


“We are delighted to be the part of this brand store expansion. Ayurveda industry is currently witnessing resurgence in India and around the globe. The sector has witness a sharp rise in the last few years. Lately, Ayurveda has broadened its offerings and includes services on diet and nutrition, yoga, herbal medicine, humour therapy and spa.Rising number of exclusive showrooms and increasing availability of Ayurvedic products at multi-branded stores is also boosting sales of Ayurvedic products in the country.

Ayurveda market size is seen at $8 billion by 2020. We will cater sustainable and profitable growth by creating long-term value for our customers, our shareholders, our people and ourbusiness partners,” said Gaurav Marya, Chairman, Franchise India.


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