Delicieux” A Healthy Rice Brand will be launch in Rajasthan in mid January

Delicieux” A Healthy Rice Brand will be launch in Rajasthan in mid January

Januray, Jaipur:Meltwater Corp, a Multi National Company headquartered in Singapore and offices in Gurgaon, Hongkong and other parts of the world, will be launching for the first time, its own brand-“DELICIEUX”- the best quality Rice at affordable price in Rajasthan, India. The Company has decided to make the rice products available in the market from mid January 2019 as a New Year gift to the people of Rajasthan India.

Delicieux” A Healthy Rice Brand will be launch in Rajasthan in mid January

Delicieux will launch its products in the market with different ranges of Basmati Rice classified by its age and premium quality, which includes Platinum Extra Long, Ultimate Long Rice, Royal Biryani Super Long rice, Aromatic Pulao rice, Broken magic and Long Grain Basmati Rice. Besides these various ranges of Basmati Rice, the Company will launch a special “Regular Low Fat Rice” with high nutritional values, yet helpful for weight loss as it has a lesser “Fat” content and “Chained carbohydrates”.

The Company had invested its resources on R&D to improve soil fertility and soil quality to produce the Best quality rice. According to World Health Organization, the quality of any crop depend on its soil health, and the ideal organic carbon content of soil for cultivated land should be more than 2.5 percent. However, due to extensive use of fertilizers and pesticides to enhance production capacity during the last decade, the Soil quality has deteriorated across the globe and the agricultural land in most parts of India is left with just 0.28% of organic carbon content. Meltwater Corp has partnered with farmers to cultivate more than 1,05,722 acres of land in parts of Haryana, Madhya Pradesh &Uttarakhand  taking necessary measures to improve soil health. As a result of the continuous hard work and dedication, a considerably increased in improvement of the organic carbon content was seen in the recent test conducted on soil quality.

The Company has been extensively working on improvement of Soil health across these farms in collaboration with farmers for the last 6 years to produce a wholesome nutritious healthy rice in the market and is committed to continue the same in future to meet the ever growing demands from the market.

Mr. PrashantRathee, CEO of the Company said, “Our aim is to provide the most healthy rice in the market across the globe. “Delicieux” is the produce of the most fertile soil in the market. The Company is gearing up to reach even the remotest parts of Rajasthan through our supply & distribution channel partners and allocating significant resources to make the product available in spite of the geographic challenges, as Rice is the main Staple food  among the people in these regions. ”