Delhi high court directs Nuziveedu Seeds to furnish seed records


New Delhi: The Delhi high court on Friday asked Nuziveedu Seeds Pvt. Ltd to furnish records relating to the stock of seeds in its godowns to determine if the company was selling cotton seeds using Monsanto’s patented Boulegard II seed technology and trademark after termination of its licence.

Justice Vipin Sanghi directed Nuziveedu Seeds to file an affidavit within three days, disclosing records pertaining to seeds issued to farmers, produce received from farmers, date of testing and packaging. Records of all 14 godown locations would have to be disclosed.

He also directed Monsanto’s representative to be allowed to visit Nuziveedu’s facility in Hyderabad, where the company claims to have its centralised records pertaining to seed stocks.

The interim order was passed by the court on being informed of non-cooperation by Nuziveedu in the process of inspection by Monsanto’s representatives of its godowns.

“A few of our local commissioners who went on site to inspect the seed records were given excel sheets instead of a complete statement of records as was intended under the courts order,” Sundeep Sethi, counsel for Monsanto, told the court.

To this, Nuziveedu clarified that it used an online centralized SAP system at its facility in Hyderabad due to which the records could not be retrieved from other locations.

On 19 February, the court had restrained Nuziveedu Seeds from selling Bt-cotton seeds using Mayhco Monsanto Biotech Ltd’s seed technology and trademark.

Nuziveedu’s licence was terminated on 15 November 2015. The case will be heard next on 16 May.