Credit SudhaarLaunches “Personal Data Protection”

Mumbai, October 29, 2018: Credit Sudhaar, the pioneer in introducing credit advisory services in India andoffering financial products customized to match every user’s credit profile has announced the launch of “personal data protection” in association with MyDigitalProtection, an initiative delivering innovative and relevant solutions to keep customers safe in the digital world. “Personal Data Protection” is designed to safeguard and protect financial and personal data online.

Credit SudhaarLaunches “Personal Data Protection”

“From ransomware to phishing and scanning rackets, at least one cybercrime gets reported every 10 minutes in India. Goes without saying that this reporting may only be a fraction of the actual numbers. We at Credit Sudhaar want to offer solutions to Indian customers to safeguard themselves as they increase their digital presence and a Digital India sets in. With the introduction of “Personal Data Protection”, Credit Sudhaar has not only strengthened its portfolio of products and services but also its positioning as a leader in finace technology”, said Arun Ramamurthy, Director, Credit Sudhaar.


The “Personal Data Protection” solution helps customers and enterprises to monitor the public web and dark web to report any risks pertaining to the data points that the customer would want monitored. The process has the capability to track credit and debit card numbers, bank account numbers and personal identification document numbers like Passport, Aadhaar, Pan card and Driving licenses. The individual will get notified on the presence of data point along with the assessment of associated risk upon detection of the data match anywhere on the web.


“Owing to the focus from the government, India has embarked on an aggressive digital journey. Netizens have started leading a virtual life like never before where they share all kind of financial and personal data both online and offline. This growth is unfortunately causing a bigger threat to personal identity through online frauds and Internet hacking.” mentioned AmitSanjeev, MyDigitalProtection.


Arun Ramamurthy added, “Awareness about the data compromise will help in taking corrective action and can aid prevention of financial loss”.


Cyber Crime is the new age crime where the people may not even get to realize their victimization in a long time. Given that India is an IT hub topped up with the unawareness among masses, the growth of this peril has been at a high velocity. Some of the recent events also indicate the growing requirement for such a solution.


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