Corporate users can buy the iPhone SE for Rs 999 per month over two years


When we had all the rumours about a new iPhone SE in hand before its release, hopes were high that Apple would be releasing a mid-range budget phone for the first time. Unfortunately, we weren’t nearly as lucky, and instead got a device close to the iPhone 6s (although minus some key features) while still priced at Rs 39,000 – Rs 49,000.

Thankfully, there now seems to be a way to get the latest iPhones for a more manageable price. According to news reports, Apple has announced a new pricing plan for corporate users, starting at Rs 999 per month. Under this plan, you can own the iPhone SE 16GB for a monthly down-payment of Rs 999 per month, the iPhone 6 16GB for Rs 1,199 per month, and the iPhone 6s 16GB for Rs 1,399 per month, over the course of two years. This means that, you can own the iPhone SE, 6, and 6s for a total of Rs 23,976, Rs 28,776, and Rs 33,576 respectively.

Apple has not yet released any details regarding the plan, including who qualifies as a corporate user, although it does seem to allow switching to a higher model at any point in that two-year window, by simply ponying up the difference. Whatever the fine print may be, this is officially the first payment plan for iPhones in India, similar to it’s partnership with telecom operators in the US.