CMR Institute of Technology (CMRIT) emerged winner at the India Smart Hackathon 2019

With the emergence of mobile devices, push notification becomes a powerful tool to connect and maintain the relationship with App users. There is no relief on the growth of App economy. Major of businesses today thrive on the performance of their App or Mobile Application. In this industry, targeted advertising and its click-through rate play a vital role. Push Notifications need to become “Smart” in order to help improve customer retention. Research has also suggested that push notifications have a 50% better rate of being read or seen by the user as compared to emails.

CMR Institute of Technology (CMRIT) emerged winner at the India Smart Hackathon 2019

But sending inappropriate or too many messages at the wrong time may result in the App being removed by the users. In order to maintain the retention rate and the delivery rate of advertisement, we adopt Deep Neural Network (DNN) to develop a notification/pop-up recommendation system “Click-sequence-aware Deep Neural Network (CDNN)” enabled by collaborative filtering-based hybrid user behavioral analysis.

In this way, we can know precisely about users’ preference and frequency to click on the push notification/pop-ups, decrease the troublesome to users efficiently, and meanwhile increase the click-through rate of push notifications/pop-ups.

What team Optimus did:

The students have developed a data analytics software e- solution which can be used by any e-commerce player to make sense in-app push notifications & customize based on the user.