CHUK launches campaign around World Environment Day

The biggest ‘Challenge’ for Sustainable Development is build momentum towards a healthy environment and inculcate the sense of environmental responsibility in every individual. The dilemma lies in the fact that challenges with sustainable development is directly proportional to climate change.

While the challenges are multiple and complex, the solution is simple, within the capacity of every single individual. In this age where objective reality plays by pages, it is imperative we put our best foot forward and actively participate in making the world a better place. Focusing on building a momentum towards environmental development, CHUK initiated the nation-wide campaign “#ICHUK”.

The campaign is aimed at driving people to take stand on contributing towards a healthier planet by adopting a sustainable lifestyle. The campaign is to motivate people to do away with any one habit which is harming our mother Earth.

It could be as simple as “I CHUK SMOKING”. To involve and reach out to people of every age group in every city, the campaign is built around an interactive social media model where individuals can upload a picture/ video, describing the habit he/ she wants to Chuk. For example, ‘#IChuk- along with challenging 3 of his / her friends in the description, which will be posted on Instagram handle @ChukItNow.’ It will get the participant featured on CHUK’s official instagram handle.

Speaking on the campaign Mr. Ved Krishna, Vice Chairman and strategy head, CHUK says, “CHUK’s primary objective is to promote environment friendly practices. With the emergence of social media, we have tried to utilize the social media platforms and advocate for the cause in a fun way. This campaign’s major objective will be creating a mass movement to influence people to take steps in the reverse direction and give away one habit which is harming the environment and affecting them too.”

#IChuk campaign has the potential to motivate masses into doing something not just for the benefit of self but also for the greater good. CHUK shall culminate the campaign with a video on World Environment Day on June 5, 2019 showcasing various snippets from the campaign participants’ challenges. CHUK means to leverage the emotional quotient in all beings by showcasing how powerful one’s efforts can be.