Charu Jewels, Now Reinvents its Brand Equity


Surat, Gujarat, India
Charu Jewels, a pioneer in designing diamond jewellery, unveiled its new identity by focusing on experimenting with colours. The theme and motive of the campaign revolve around its name itself, COLOUR YOUR SENSES. Launched on the festival of colours- Holi, it brilliantly captures the magical essence of colours on our senses. A complete contrast to their past campaigns is what the brand is currently trying their hands at. The brand has been playing around with Black and alike shades for a long time. Hence, there seems to be a great shift by the firm.
Campaign Rationale

The campaign’s motive is fulfilled by the jewellery collection selected for the campaign. The different coloured gems’ jewellery adds spontaneity and youthfulness to the life’s most important moments. COLOUR YOUR SENSES campaign is focused on the senses, the senses with which you feel the presence of things around you. Dressing up with jewels of own choice has always made the stares around connect with you. Similarly, Charu Jewels connects its jewels to you and make you feel special in all ways possible. The concept of this new campaign is to help you resemble your personality with their jewellery. Being unique and innovative has made them strive on experimenting with campaigns like this. These authentic emotions have started to play their role from the social media campaign put up by Charu. Portrayed by the posts, the creatives are exceptionally innovative and appear vibrant. There seems to be a special synchrony between the colour palettes chosen by the firm. This time, the firm is not focusing on just one colour but there are multiple colours which add to the glitter and glamour.

Charu is leaving everyone stunned by the multiple elements chosen for the current campaign. The videos uploaded are perfect trendsetters for other jewellery firms in the Diamond City of India. The social media management team has used everything to the firm’s benefit and has been doing a good job there. Since the campaign sprung into action in the festive period of colours and spring is flurrying with its whimsical colours; with the collective decision of the directors and the social media team, the campaign shall be extended for the entire spring season.

“Though Charu deals in coloured gems jewellery, it has never played around with colours when it comes to the presentation. Also keeping the brand identity in mind, we decided to expand our reach and build up our connection with the audience through the medium of colours,” said Amit Desai, Director, Charu.

In another view, the retail section eagerly awaits the results of the newly built brand equity. The brand’s identity is still under the renaissance phase. “With years in this industry, our retail strategy has definitely seen progress. But with the advancement of technology and social media platforms, we strive on creating a stable growth pattern”, says Mr. Nikhil Desai, Director, who heads the retail division.

Charu is defined by the handcrafted traditional heritage jewellery. The make is inspired by the traditional Indian jewellery. But Charu does not fail to amaze anyone. Its extravagant collection focuses on all age groups. The designs vary from being delicately born to the heavy bridal jewellery. Charu Jewels brings to you the joy of wearing diamonds and jewels of your choice.

Charu is full of surprises and its innovative campaigns are ready to unfurl.