Prospects of Ecommerce and Digital Marketing

Ecommerce has provided the platform for online advertising to thrive By March Oyinki Advertising is about brand visibility and reaching the target audience, which all boils down to numbers. Number is important in terms of reach, engagement, conversion and ROI. The more people your advert reaches, the higher the number of engagements, conversions and sales you are likely to […]

How Telecom Operators Can Harness the Internet of Things to Grow Revenues and Boost Loyalty

  By Our Guest Expert Mr Anil Ganjoo He is Executive Vice President & Head – Telecom, Media & Entertainment, HCL Technologies The world of communications is undergoing a transformation. Amidst increasing competition from over-the-top providers, telecom service providers are facing revenue shrinkage, shrinking margins and growing subscriber churn in their consumer-focused business.In order to […]