Breath free journey/ march flagged off to create awareness towards allergy and asthma


Campaign to reach villages of Indore, Bhopal and Jabalpur divisions

Indore, 2 January 2016. Increasing pollution and smoking habits is the key reason behind the rise in number of asthma patients in the Madhya Pradesh. In a recently organised Breath Free awareness campaign 720 cases of potential asthma, allergic rhinitis and COPD were found among the 4500 people examined in 84 villages. These diseases can be treated and controlled if timely treatment is provided.

Dr. Anil Agrawal and Dr. Dilip Balani, known Pulmonologists / pulmonary specialists, in a press conference organised at the launch of next level clinic on wheels Breath Free March / Journey shared the details of the lung diseases for general awareness.

They told that the clinic on wheels Breath Free Bus is equipped with experienced physicians and supporting staff which provides free check up and counselling to the people. The campaign also aims to assist the rural doctors in understanding the latest developments in Asthma treatment.

The bus will move into 19 villages of Indore division till 11 January and will conduct lung tests of 3800 villagers informing them about the disease and training them for its treatment. The bus will then move further towards the villages of Bhopal and Jabalpur divisions. During the month long campaign the bus will travel to a total of 60 villages and will check around 12 thousand people.

Rise in patients due to pollution and smoking

Dr Agrawal said that due to growing pollution and smoking habits the count is on high among lung disease patients. More threatening fact is that many of these people are not even aware of their condition. Hence, it is very necessary to inform these patients about the essential precautions and treatments for the disease.

Dr Balani quoting the World Health Organisation’s statistics said that around 300 million people across the world are suffering from Asthma. The irregular and improper treatment of coughing, breathing disorders and constant sneezing, with over-the-counter medicines develops the disease to its worse. Among the diseased ones, more are the people who do not start the treatment on time. The fear towards asthma and inhaler keeps them away from the much needed treatment.

To create and share public awareness towards Asthma, its symptoms and causes, a website named has been created. By performing a simple registration on the website the team can be invited to respective colonies, schools, colleges, private firms for free treatment.