BML Munjal University launches new courses – BBA in Family Business and Entrepreneurship and MBA in Finance and Investment Banking


New Delhi, March 2018: BML Munjal University (BMU), the Hero Group’s not-for-profit university, today announced the launch of two new business management courses – MBA in Finance and Investment Banking and BBA in Family Business and Entrepreneurship. The post-graduate MBA in Finance and Investment Banking is for students planning a career in finance and banking. The under-graduate BBA in Family Business and Entrepreneurshipis focusedonteachingcritical aspects of starting, running, managing and scaling family businesses and new business ventures.

BML Munjal University is in Gurgaon, Haryanaand attracts students from across India. The universityhas an experience-based learning model aims at transforming students to become future leaders. Under this model, industry leaders from key companies are part of the faculty, using current real-life case-studies to teach students the nuances of business management. The students also get to work on practical work-problems, expanding their knowledge and experience-base and at the same time making them industry-ready.

According to Dr. Vishal Talwar, Dean, School of Management, BML Munjal University, “Our newly launched courses in MBA and BBA are focused on the experience-based learning model. By participating in live projects and through class-room interaction with industry leaders, we prepare our students for the future, making them industry-ready when they graduate from the university. At BMU we nurture the spirit of enquiry, creativity, problem solving, entrepreneurship and innovation.”

MBA in Finance and Investment Banking

Under MBA in Finance and Investment Banking students will undergo experience-based learning on corporate finance, mergers, derivatives pricing, investment management, portfolio management, fund management, algorithm trading and risk management. The course is meant for students with good analytical skills, a flair for analyzing figures and who aspire for intellectually stimulating and challenging professional work. Further, in the current global context, the BML Munjal University believes that finance professionals must exhibit both competence and character – competence to achieve business objectives and character to make ethical choices. BMU is committed to developing these qualities in its students, through the specially designed business management courses.

BBA in Family Business and Entrepreneurship

BBA in Family Business will impart knowledge and skills in critical aspects of starting, running, managing and scaling Family Businesses and new ventures. The uniqueness of the program lies in innovative pedagogies, with live projects and experience-based learning. The course offers a mix of training in simulated and real business scenarios offered as a part of the unique program structure. Importantly, this course will also equip participants to understand, navigate and deal with changes occurring due toglobalization, competition, automation and rapid advances in technology, and how family businesses and start-ups need to be managed in this era of change.

At BML Munjal University students spend up-to 45% of the contact hours to learn outside classrooms through labs, projects, research assignments and Practice school (supervised internships). BMU students have the opportunity of exchange programmes with the Imperial College London, Singapore Management University, University of Maryland, HHL in Germany and CUOA Foundation in Italy. Along with its mentor, Imperial College London, BMU focuses strongly on research and innovation.

About BML Munjal University

Founded by Hero Group, BML Munjal University (BMU) is a not-for-profit university. Named in honour of the late Dr. BrijmohanLall Munjal, Chairman and Founder, Hero Group, BMU is engaged in creating, preserving and imparting internationally benchmarked knowledge and skills through experience-based learning to a diverse community of students from across the world. Mentored by Imperial College, London, BMU offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in business management and engineering based on evolving needs of the industry. BMU’s experiential learning environment encourages enquiry, creativity, problem solving, entrepreneurship and innovation. The 50-acre, fully-residential university promotes cross-course curriculum to add multi-skills rather than super specialization disciplinary learning, transforming students into leaders today.