Bhopal to create a record of mass meditation with sound healing

Sound healing is a proven therapy to reduce stress, anxiety and provide clarity in vision and thinking-  an effective tool in personality building. It is useful for the aspiring youth, executives, corporates and seniors equally for sound health and vibrant, positive mind.
The sound waves of tuning fork, gongs and Tibetan singing bowls not only soothe a stressed mind, but they also have power to heal the emotional and physical diseases of a person. These sound waves can also be used to inculcate a positive lifestyle, being stress free, developing personality and increasing the skills to become successful in life.
Bhopal to create a record of mass meditation with sound healing
This therapy has a miraculous effect on those who are suffering from work, study or family stress. Because of these positive effects, now the use of sound healing is increasing in students, youth and corporate executives.
All these information was provided by the only sound healer of central India, Aarti Sinha, in a press conference on Tuesday. She was addressing the media at hotel Nisarga. The conference was organized with the aim to inform about the upcoming event which is going to happen on World Sound Healing Day (February 14). On this day a group healing session – Heal our earth, heal our Bhopal – will be organized with an intention to create a national record. This healing session will be based on Tibetan healing sound and will be dedicated to the Bhopal Gas Tragedy.
The undying resonating sound vibration thus created, through earth Gong and 30 Singing Bowls in this historic event of mass meditation will also remain in the universe forever and make the ambiance of the whole world happy. Officers of India book of Records will monitor the event, which is going to happen at the auditorium of LNCT College from 11. 30 am.
While addressing the media, Aarti Sinha said, “sound healing is a part of our ancient culture in which, with the help of beej mantras, meditation, music, vibration and singing bowls, the pain of suffering could be removed.
The therapy boosts the power of brain, so that our immune system gets strong. This will help a person to fight with the disease and the pain. Modern science has also recognized this therapy in many researches. In today’s stress-full condition, this therapy is doing wonders in all over the world on everyone from a child to an old person.
The positive results of this therapy