Avoid clichés and go for healthy snacking with Too Yumm! this festive season

Whoever said that healthy snacks can’t be tasty, clearly had it all wrong! This feastful festive season celebrate your true spirit, adopt a healthy way of living and don’t forget to keep it crispy and crunchy with Too Yumm!The brand has an extensive variety of Fox Nuts, Veggie Stixand the newly introduced Multigrain chips that serve as delicious healthy snacks!To top their game further for the festive season, Too Yummhas also launched a festive gifting pack.

The brand offers its consumers with tasty snacking options that are baked (not fried) and typically contain 40% less fat than their other competitors.The 100% air popped ‘Fox nuts’ with their inherent goodness of protein and antioxidants are not only healthier but also have a delectable taste. Veggie Stix incorporate real vegetables giving you a guilt- free snack binge. The newly launched Multigrain chips are delicious yet healthy offerings that contain a perfect blend of 7 grains – Wheat, Rice, Corn, Gram, Oats, Soya and Ragi which are healthy and heavenly at the same time.

Good food choices are priceless investments! Witha diverse range of healthy snacks in order to help balance the heap of junk that will be lavished this season, Too Yumm! offers the perfect assortment of ‘edible investments’.

 Avoid clichés and go for healthy snacking with Too Yumm! this festive season

Flavor Palate


Variant Flavors
Fox Nuts Wasabi, Tandoori, Chatpata Masala, Home Style Classic
Veggie Stix Chilly Chataka, Minty Masala, Sour Cream and Onion, Cheese and Herbs
Multigrain chips Dahi Papdi Chaat, Grilled Corn, Hot & Sour, Tangy Tomato


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