Ashish Sharma who is currently seen playing the role of Ram in STAR Plus’s show, Siya Ke Ram is suffering from a severe spinal cord injury which happened when he fell off a horse while shooting for a heavy stunt sequence for the show sometime back. Having ignored the pain for a while now, the professional that he is, Ashish continued to shoot for the show in Hyderabad’s Ramoji Filmcity. However, the pain recently came to surface again when the actor had to perform heavy stunts for a recent sequence.

“I prefer doing my own stunts. And initially, it wasn’t as painful so I actually didn’t bother much. But now, when the pain increased in the last few days, the doctors made me realize about the bad condition of my spinal cord. As of now I have delayed the surgery as I do not want to hamper with my shooting schedule. I have my physiotherapist flying from Mumbai to Hyderabad to help me recover from the pain and I’m taking utmost care this time,” says Ashish.

As per the track on the show, Ram will be going for vanvaas and will soon have to shoot for the big fight in Lanka. To this he adds, “I’m not allowed to give any pressure to my back at the moment, but if need be I will go through a surgery to avoid trouble in long run. I am now working on my look for the upcoming track, I need to shed some weight and look leaner.”

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