It’s time to bridge the gap between travelling and wellness. Travelling might come off as the worst time to stick to a diet or adhere to a fitness routine: you are sitting long hours, trying new food, and looking for some relaxation, all together. But don’t neglect your health and nutrition.

Saurabh Sharma- Director, Travel Unravel Holidays Private Limited


Travelling can be a great time to stay fit. You can take control over your lifestyle, especially the eating habits and your workout routines, set schedules and carry organizers. It’s easy to overindulge and gourmandize when you travel. It’s the time to make tremendous healthy decisions and swaps! Eat a salad with any source of protein and lower your carb intake. Set the seal on at least four litres of water and maximize liquid intake. Most places have bottled water easily accessible, but if not, consider investing in a quality self-filtering water bottle. A hydrated body is unstoppable.


A few healthy travel tips:



  • Practice Hara Hachi Bu – The residents of Okinawa Island in Japan have the longest life expectancy in the world. They live up to 100 years, it’s because they follow Hara Hachi Bu which is an ancient wisdom in Japan dictating that one must never eat to full one’s belly 100%. Eat up till you’re 80% full. When your stomach is not entirely full, it has extra space. This allows the stomach to perform the digestion process quicker. Also, the stomach churns and breaks down food efficiently. However, if you eat to fill your stomach 100%, then it gets stretched. Also, opt for small plates.


  • Beauty adventure – Quench in a natural mud bath – Sometime DIRTY is beautiful. Make time from the office life and drag through the mud and let Mother Nature remove all skin and body toxins. Once in a lifetime, pools of mud and sulphuric hot baths must be explored and allow them to boost your pores.



  • Load lighter than you think you actually need – Travelling is supposed to be a stress buster. Pack light. Make sure not to burden your body. Shred out luggage pounds that can cause you body pain or muscle cramps. In-between the meetings take a deliberate flex and stretch hard. Passive stretching help get rid off sore bodies.


  • Make the best use of the hotel gym– Most of the hotels have their own gyms stacked with basic machines and pieces of equipment. Jump on the treadmill and do a warm-up and then hit the weight machines. A 20-30 minute workout is better than nothing if you are time-crunched.



  • Pay for travel insurance – Investing in travel insurance is the need of the hour, it calls for urgency.  Protect yourself in case of an emergency. The last thing one would want is to be stuck in a foreign country without any access to affordable, immediate and reliable health care. It might just come off as one of those least important things until you desperately need it. Just get done!


  • Portable gym – When you’re on the go, throw a skipping rope in your bag. Bring a compact workout gear in your luggage. Post meeting or after office hours, you need to devote time towards your body. Skipping helps reduces fat and burns calories. Not only this, it also refreshes the mind. Also, prefer taking a staircase instead of an escalator or a lift.

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