Apple leads global premium phone market; OnePlus enters top 5: Counterpoint

Even in the absence of a new product line-up and sluggish demand for iPhone X in a few countries, Cupertino-based technology giant has managed to lead the global premium smartphone segment, followed by South Korean electronics giant in the second quarter. Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus, which became the top smartphone brand in India surpassing and in the premium smartphone segment, also made it to the list of top five.

According to the report, led the global premium smartphone segment capturing 43 per cent market share, almost twice the size of (24 per cent). Interestingly, Apple maintained leadership position across different price bands – $400 to more than $800. In more than $800 segment, Apple captured a global market share of a whopping 88 per cent.

In more than $600 but less than $800 price segment, Apple (44 per cent) and Samsung (41 per cent) together captured 85 per cent market share globally. Apple also led the $400 — $600 segment with a market share of 22 per cent, along with Chinese maker (22 per cent), followed by Samsung (16 per cent).


Source: Counterpoint

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In comparison, OnePlus entered the top 5 in the global premium smartphone segment with a market share of two per cent. Interesting to note, the company surpassed Apple and Samsung to become the top premium smartphone OEM in India during the quarter with a strong 40 per cent market share.

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Here are the key highlights of the report

  • The premium smartphone segment contributed to one fifth of the global smartphone market during Q2 2018.
  • Close to 40 OEMs compete in the premium segment globally, out of which the top five players account for almost 88 per cent of the sales.
  • Apple led the global premium smartphone segment capturing 43 per cent share of the segment, followed by Samsung (24 per cent), (10 per cent), (9 per cent), (3 per cent) and OnePlus (2 per cent).
  • In premium segment, the $400-$600 price-band contributed to 45 per cent of the total premium segment sales by volume.
  • OnePlus was one of the fastest growing brand in the $400-$600 segment. OnePlus sales were driven by India, China and UK.
  • Among the key Chinese brands in the premium segment, and OnePlus were the only brands with wider geographic reach. More than 95 per cent of flagship sales for OPPO, Vivo and happened in China, while and OnePlus flagship sales grew in parts of Europe.
  • Apple and Samsung sales were driven by developed markets like the US, China, Japan, Korea and countries in Western Europe.

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